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AGM-S7108 - Brand new OEM MITSUBISHI Alternator

Brand new OEM MITSUBISHI Alternator
Brand new OEM Mitsubishi Alternator
NZ$ 673.82 including GST
NZ$ 585.93 excluding GST
No stock in NZ
No stock in NZ
20137582OE 2035285 23100-1KA1A 23100-2DL1B 23100-2DL1B-C117 231001KA1A 28-6848 554145RI 554145RIM A1026M A2TJ0591 A2TJ1291 A2TJ1291ZD A2TJ1291ZE AEK3738 CAL35285GS LRA03738 UD11009A LR1140-801 14-781 14781 #160 hxa115 LR1140-802B LR1140-802 LR1140-803 LR1140-805 23100ED100 23100EN100 23100ED300 23100ED308 ANJ575 LR1140806 23100EW800 LR1140801 23100ED000 23100EDOOO LR1140801B LR1140801C 23100ED00B 23100EDOOB LR1140801E LR1140802E 23100EN00B 23100ENOOB LR1140803 LR1140803C 23100ED500 LR1140803E 23100ED50A LR1140805B LR1140806E 23100EW80A LR1140807 23100JN00A 23100JNOOA LR1140-806 23100-EW800 23100-ED000 23100-EDOOO LR1140-801B LR1140-801C 23100-ED00B 23100-EDOOB LR1140-801E LR1140-802E 23100-EN00B 23100-ENOOB LR1140-803C 23100-ED500 LR1140-803E 23100-ED50A LR1140-805B 23100-ED300 LR1140-806E 23100-EW80A LR1140-807 23100-JN00A 23100-JNOOA 65-6729-1 116009 Cargo 12061023 EuroTec 165591110 PSH 231001KL1A Nissan 231002DL1B 23100ED01A 286848 Elstock A002TJ0591 Mitsubishi A002TJ1291ZD A2TJ0591SEL +line ALT5131sa Electrolog Lucas 0986082730 Bosch ruil 165516110 209347 Messmer 231000ED01A 231001KA1M 930859 EDR A002TJ1291 A002TJ1291ZE A2TJ1291SEL ADA465 ATK CA2183IR HC DRA0859 Remy DRA0859N Delco MITSUBISHI A002TJ0591AM A2TJ0591AM NISSAN ALTE213 3EFFE A5119 AS-PLList AS-PL AUTOELECTRO CARGO CASCO ELSTOCK PARTS KUHNER LUCAS LRA3738 MITSUBISHIList PRESTOLITE REAL SANDO 14893 anj575 anj550 WAI New 20335N Alltech A203-5290 Armature G Roy 20335 Autoelectro Casco CAL35285 DRI A/S Denmark 2273291102 EGI A-20335 ERA Herth & Buss J5111123 Lester Electrical Europe A002TJ0591ZE Sales A2TJ0591ZE Mondial 63-025-900 Infiniti 23100-ED01A Our Part Number # PASCO A-1305290 Power Select Powerite Automotive Raw Road Warrior Sovereign SB541 Zorko 203013 PIC Sando 446542 Valeo 9484 SAS A002TJ1291A A002TJ1291AE A002TJ1291AM show A2TJ1291A A2TJ1291AE A2TJ1291AM Auto Electro ALT31371 Wood MITA2TJ0591 MITA2TJ1291 NAL1862 Napa (UK) RNLA2TJ1291AE RNL WOOALT31371
Amp110 A
Bottom Mounting Foot Width (B)14 mm
Diameter (D.1)8.5 mm
Diameter (D.2)8.5 mm
Diameter (D.3)M8x1.25 mm
Diameter (D.4)M8x1.25 mm
Grooves7 qty
Length (L.1)185 mm
Mount Inside Length or Pad Mount C-C (C)59 mm
OEM ProductYes
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)55 mm
Plug CodePL_3308
Product LinePremium Line
Product TypeBrand new
Pulley to Mount Distance (A)33 mm
Pulley TypeSOLID
Voltage12 V
Make Model Type Year
NISSAN Cube 1.6 16V [HR16DE] 01.2010-
NISSAN Juke 1.6 i [CR16DE] 01.2010-

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