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AAM-C6106 - Brand new +Plus Line Pro Alternator

Brand new +Plus Line Pro Alternator
Brand new +Plus Line Pro Alternator
NZ$ 790.46 including GST
NZ$ 687.36 excluding GST
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No stock in NZ

0009063000 Mercedes-Benz
0009067902 Mercedes-Benz
0141541502 Mercedes-Benz
0986CR6092 Bosch ruil
0986UR6092 Bosch ruil
113767 Farcom
115984 Cargo
12090566 EuroTec
2015496 Sando
20154961 Sando
209166 Messmer
224108 EAA
224115 EAA
224423 EAA
2253061502 DRI
2605421 Valeo
2605421A Valeo
2608896 Valeo
2608896A Valeo
2617417 Valeo
286616 Elstock
32085260 Herth Buss
4238 CEVAM
439679 Valeo
439820 Valeo
440264 Valeo
440474 Valeo
555569150 PSH
57473 EAI
608896 Valeo
617417 Valeo
70477155 Herth Buss
8EL012240011 Hella
9067902 Mercedes-Benz
9090607 Friesen
930974 EDR
A000906300 Mercedes-Benz
A0009063000 Mercedes-Benz
A0009067902 Mercedes-Benz
A00090679020080 Mercedes-Benz
A0141541502 Mercedes-Benz
A01415415020080 Mercedes-Benz
AEK3506 Auto Electro
AL1750 AMK
AL9372X Bosch (USA)
ALT0495sa Electrolog
AVA496 AutoTeam
DA2084 Remy
DRA0974 Remy
FA6757 Fohrenbuhl
FG15T036 Valeo show
FG15T079 Valeo show
FGN15T036 Valeo
L83630 ATL
LRA03506 Lucas
LRA3506 Lucas
QRA2405 QH
TG15C133 Valeo show
TG15C167 Valeo
V15803208 Vemo
2605421 2605421A TG15C133 UD19695A A0141541502 ALV3668 555.569.150.124 555.569.150.501 141541502
439679 ANV065
Bosch Service Europe 0-986-CR6-092, 0-986-UR6-092
IAT A439679
Lester 11822
Lester Old 11822A
Mercedes-Benz 000-906-79-02-87, 014-154-15-02, 014-154-15-02-80, A-000-906-79-02, A-000-906-79-02-87, A-014-154-15-02, A-014-154-15-02-80, A000-906-63-00-80, A014-154-15-02, A014-154-41-02-80
PIC 208-1051
Remy 11096
Remy Europe DRA0974
Valeo 2608896B, 2608896C, 2617417A, TG15C133

Fitted with OEM Regulator and INA Clutch Pulley (if fitted)

Amp150 A
Diameter (D.1)9 mm
Diameter (D.2)9 mm
Diameter (D.3)8 mm
Diameter (D.4)8 mm
Grooves6 qty
Length (L.1)201 mm
Mount Inside Length or Pad Mount C-C (C)56 mm
OEM ProductNo
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)50 mm
Pad mount thickness (E.1)70 mm
Pad mount thickness (E.2)70 mm
Plug CodePL_2306
Product Line+Plus Line Pro
Product TypeBrand new
Pulley to Mount Distance (A)31.5 mm
Pulley TypeCLUTCH
Unit TypeVALEO
Voltage12 V
Make Model Type Year
MERCEDES BENZ C 180 CGi 01.2007-
MERCEDES BENZ C 200 CGi 01.2007-
MERCEDES BENZ C 250 CGi 07.2009-
MERCEDES BENZ E 200 CGi 08.2009-
MERCEDES BENZ E 250 CGi 01.2009-

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