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AGV-C7005 - Brand new OEM VALEO Alternator

Brand new OEM VALEO Alternator
Brand new OEM Valeo Alternator
NZ$ 805.71 including GST
NZ$ 700.62 excluding GST
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A0266 anb5088gq bxa4030 AEC1752 AUTOELECTRO 0124515088 BOSCHList 0124515198 0986045380 CAL15254 CASCO 4803 CEVAM EAA221240 EAA EAA222291 56865 EAI 284866 ELSTOCK 210730 ERA AG0567 GHIBAUDI 6.3139.9 IKA ALB1752 KRAUF ALV1752 LRA02362 LUCAS LRA2362 944390453800 MAGNETI MARELLI MRA45380 2711540202 MERCEDES 2711540802 2711540902 A2711540202 A2711540802 A2711540902 9213896 POWERMAX 555.541.120 PSH 2015254 SANDO 2542582A VALEO 2542582B 439471 VALEOList SG12B062 90225580 WILSON ALT14180 WOODAUTO BOS0124515198 VAL439471 Arrowhead ABO0249 Beck Arnley 1861125 Bosch AL0810X Lester 13954 Lucas Mercedes PIC Picture ID 2205134 Remy Light Duty 12458 Wilson 90156509 ruil 12045380 EuroTec 13954N WAI 13954R Valeo Benz Elstock 437430 542582 555541120 6196SP Spidan 9045380F Friesen 945380 EDR ALT0045sa Electrolog ALT1194sa CA1752IR HC DRB5380 HCA1752IR KTR1111082240 KTR L45380 ATL OAN10440 Optimum 28-4866 301752RI 301752RIV 90-22-5580 A3156 CAL15254AS CAL15254ES CAL15254GS CAL15254OS CAL15254RS EAA-221240 EAA-222291 ACDelco 334-1478 AIM AV-00116R AVA0059 BBB Industries 11066 Newman AL0810N Reman Service Europe 0-986-045-383 0-986-045-387 Dixie Electric Ltd A-6502 A-9487 CARGO 113877 Parts CA1752 IAT A439471 Industry (Europe) Mercedes-Benz 271-154-08-02-80 271-154-09-02 271-154-09-02-80 A27-115-40-802-80 A27-115-40-902-80 A271-154-09-02 NAPA 213-8762 208-660 RELIANCE 31432 12459 Romaine 11066N Tech 2542582 Voltux (OE Unit) V2-11066 Wagner 1-2817-01VA Whatcom 24498 ARROWHEAD BAL0810X V439471 BOSCH LESTER ELECTRIC 271-154-02-02 271-154-08-02 OTHER OEMS ANB5088gq anb5088

Fitted with OEM Regulator and INA Pulley

Amp120 A
Diameter (D.1)9.5 mm
Diameter (D.2)9.5 mm
Diameter (D.3)9.5 mm
Diameter (D.4)9.5 mm
Grooves7 qty
Length (L.1)198 mm
OEM ProductYes
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)56 mm
Pad mount thickness (E.1)70 mm
Pad mount thickness (E.2)70 mm
Pivot Foot Length (B)70 mm
Pivot Inside Length (C)56 mm
Plug CodePL_2304
Product LinePremium Line
Product TypeBrand new
Pulley TypeAFP
Pulley to Mount Distance (A)34 mm
Voltage12 V

A0266R - Remanufactured Option

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