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130-01195 - 6305W Bearing

6305W Bearing
Brand new NTN Bearing
NZ$ 45.20 including GST
NZ$ 39.30 excluding GST
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2500 2300JB 2300JC 2301J 20 2301JB 2302J 60 32 2302JB Insulated SHAFT PULLEY OD 0.875" 22.225mm 1/4-20 B- 2303J 45 2303JB 12.800mm 2304J 2304JB 2310JB 2360J 75 2360JB 2360JC 2400J 80 2400JB 2490J 90 2490JB 2500J 105 2500JB 2500JC 2502LC 2505JB 2509J 2509JB 2511J 2512JB 2513JC 108 2513LC 2516JB 2526J 2526JB 2526JC 2526LC 2600J 2600JB 2600JC 2610JB 2670J 130 2670JB 2670JC 2680J 2680JB 2680LC 2680LCF 2681J 2681JB 2700J 2700JB 2700JC 2700LC 2706JB 2706LC 2800J 2800JB 2800JC 2802J 2802JB 2802JC 2802LC 2803J 145 2803JB 2805J 2805JB 2805JC 2805LC 2808JB 2810JB 2812JB 2813JC 2819JB 2819LC 2824J 2824JB 2825LC 2913JC 2913LC 4417JB 4400/4700 13.100mm 48 4727JB 140 12.700mm 4728JB 4800AA 4800/4900 4800JB 175 4805JB 4806AA 4824JB 4827JB 4829JB 4830LC 4830LCRM Remanufactured 4832LCH 4834AA 4834LC 4834LCRM 4850AA 4852A 240 4852AA 4856AA 270 4905AA 4951PAH 10.500mm PAD SPAN LENGTH 126.24 3/8-16 90514 90515 90516 90517 90521 90522 90523 90524 90546 90547 90548 90549 90550 90552 90553 90556 90557 90558 90562 90568 90569 90570 90571 90572 90573 90574 90575 90591 90595 90596 90604 90635 90637 90648 90649 90650 90656 90661 90666 90668 90670 90676 90677 90678 90682 90686 90695 90696 90697 90710 90718 90719 90724 90725 90726 90727 90738 90739 90741 90742 90743 90744 90749 90752 90753 90763 9800JB 5500/7000 9800LC 9802LC 9804LC A001090514 A001090515 A001090516 A001090521 A001090548 A001090549 A001090552 A001090553 A001090556 A001090637 A001090661 A001090682 A001090743 A001090749 A0012300JB A0012300JC A0012301JB A0012302JB A0012303JB A0012304JB A0012310JB A0012360JB A0012360JC A0012400JB A0012490JB A0012500JB A0012500JC A0012500LC A0012502LC A0012505JB A0012509JB A0012511JB A0012512JB A0012513JB A0012513LC A0012516JB A0012526JB A0012526JC A0012526LC A0012600JB A0012600JC A0012610JB A0012670JB A0012670JC A0012670LC A0012680JB A0012680LCF A0012681JB A0012700JB A0012700JC A0012700LC A0012706JB A0012800JB A0012800JC A0012800LC A0012802J A0012802JB A0012802JC A0012802LC A0012803JB A0012805JB A0012805JC A0012805LC A0012808JB A0012808LC A0012810JB A0012812JB A0012813JC A0012819JB A0012824JB A0012824LC A0012825LC A0012913JC A0014800AA A0014800JB A0014805AA A0014806AA A0014826AA A0014827JB A0014830LC A0014832LCH A0014834AA A0014834LC A0014852AA A0014856AA A0014905AA A0019800JB A0019800LC A0019802LC A0019804LC PX212P Penntex 120 PX212P2 PX212R PX212T PX212TF PX213P PX213P2 PX213PH PX213R PX213T PX216P PX216P2 PX216R PX216RL PX216T PX216T3 PX220P PX220P2 PX220P2-5 PX220P2D5 PX220P5 3:00 PX220R PX220R5 PX220R5A PX220R5T 9.200mm PX220RC-A 11.700mm PX220RC-T 9.300mm PX220RL PX220RL5 PX220RL5T PX220RM5T PX220T PX220T3 PX220T3-5 PX220T5 PX220TF PX220TF5 PX220TF6.0L 10.200mm PX2P PX2P120 PX2P130 PX2P160 PX2P2 PX2P200 PX2P2-120 PX2P2-130 PX2P2-160 PX2P2-200 PX2P2-5 PX2P2D5 PX2P5 PX2PH130 PX2R PX2R120 PX2R130 PX2R160 PX2R200 PX2R5 PX2R5A PX2R5T 9mm PX2RL PX2RL160 PX2RL200 PX2RL5 PX2RL5T PX2T PX2T120 PX2T130 11mm 10mm PX2T160 PX2T200 PX2T3 PX2T3-160 PX2T3-200 PX2T3-5 PX2T5 PX2TF PX2TF120 PX2TF130 PX2TF5 PX2TF6.0L PX317S PX320S PX325S PX328S 285 2.465" 62.600mm M10x1.50 PX330S 305 PX3S175 PX3S200 PX3S250 PX3S285 PX3S305 PX4G5 PX520G PX520GD PX520P PX520P2 PX520P2D PX520PD PX520R PX520RD 230 11.600mm PX520S PX520T PX520T12 PX520T6 6:00 PX520T6C PX520TD 10.400mm PX520TD12 PX520TD6 PX520TD6C PX520TF PX520TFD 10.900mm PX525G PX525GD PX525P2D PX525PD PX525R PX525RD PX525T PX525T12 PX525T6 PX525T6C PX525TD PX525TD12 PX525TD6 PX525TD6C PX525TF PX525TFD PX5G PX5G200 PX5G250 PX5GD PX5GD200 PX5GD250 PX5P PX5P2 PX5P200 PX5P2-200 PX5P2D250 PX5PD250 PX5R PX5R200 PX5R250 PX5RD PX5RD200 PX5RD250 11.800mm PX5S PX5T PX5T200 PX5T200-12 PX5T200-6 PX5T200-6C PX5T250 PX5T250-12 PX5T250-6 PX5T250-6C PX5TD12-200 PX5TD12-250 PX5TD200 PX5TD250 PX5TD6 PX5TD6-200 PX5TD6-250 PX5TD6C200 PX5TD6C250 PX5TF200 PX5TF250 PX5TFD200 PX5TFD250 PX614S 12/24 PX614SH PX616S PX619S PX622Q PX622S PX622SF PX622T PX627Q PX627S PX627T PX635Q 350 PX635S PX635SF PX635T PX6Q PX6Q220 PX6Q275 PX6Q350 PX6S PX6S140 PX6S160 PX6S190 PX6S220 PX6S275 PX6S350 PX6SF220 PX6SF350 PX6SH140 PX6T PX6T220 PX6T275 PX6T350 LNP-2500LC AlternatorFAMILY AMPS LNP-2511JB LNP-2670LC LNP-2800LC J180 HINGE 215.9 LNP-2808LC LNP-2824LC LNP-4805AA LNP-4826AA LNP-4826JB LNP-4854AA LNP-90555 LNP-A0012706LC LNP-A0012819LC 1/4 LNP-A0012913LC LNP-A0014860JBH LNP-A0014951PAH PEN-PX420G5 4C4010300HA Ford Alternator 4C4O10300DA 4C4O10300RA 4C4Z10346DA 4C4Z10346HA 4C4Z10346RA D4HZ10346N D7HT10300CA D7HT10300DA D7HT10300EA D8HZ10346A D8HZ10346B D8HZ10346C E8HT10300JA E8HT10300KA E8HZ10346J E9HT10300BA F7HT10300AA F7HT10300BA F7HT10300EA F7HZ10346BA 2510J Leece Neville 2510JN 12V 130A 2700 2813J 2813JB 4800J 240A 4860J 4864J 200A 90772 90775 90783 90795 9800J 65A New 105A A001090558 A001090569 A001090650 A001090772 A001090775 A001090783 A001090795 A0012680LC 175A A0014860JBH A0014951PAH RJ2500 Enlarge RJ2526 RJ2670 RJ2805 RJ2813
Height (H.1)25 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)25 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)62 mm
Unit TypeBall Bearing

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