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AB3002P - Brand new AS-PL Alternator brush set

Brand new AS-PL Alternator brush set
Brand new AS-PL Alternator brush set
NZ$ 3.93 including GST
NZ$ 3.42 excluding GST
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Height (H.1)18.9 mm
Length (L.1)68.5 mm
Thickness (T.1)5 mm
Unit TypeVALEO
Voltage12 V
Width (W.1)7 mm
A12R27 A13R105 A13R97T A12R26 A13R104 A13R225 A13R224 A13R223 A12R23 A13R189 A13R187 A13R186 A13R73T A13R85T A13R196 A13R195 A13R74 A12R21 A13R194 A12R20 A13R190 A13R73 A12R16 A13R116 A13R86T A13R115 A13R235 A12R17 A12R12 A12R11 A12R14 A13R198 A12R13 A13R90T A12R19 A13R119 A13R117 A13R179T A13R139T A13R63 A12R10 A12R49 A13M5 A13R127 A12R48 A13M4 A13R126 A13M3 A13R125 A13M2 A13R124 A13M9 A13R123 A13M8 A12R47 A13M7 A13R121 A13M6 A13R120 A13R188T A13R129 A13R128 A13R90 A13R96 A13R99 A12R42 A13R98 A13R92 A13R95 A13R138 A13R137 A12R9 A13R136 A13R88T A12R8 A13R134 A13R133 A13R89 A13R132 A12M18 A13R131 A12R3 A12R2 A12R1 A13R80T A12R7 A12R6 A12R5 A12R4 A13R113T A13R141 A13R86 A13R140 A13R261 A13R85 A13R88 A13R87 A13R182TE A12M10 A13R83 A12M6 A13R149 A12M5 A12M3 A13R89T A13R145 A12M9 A13M17 A13R144 A13R265 A12M8 A13R143 A12M7 A13R162T A13R81T A12M2 A12M1 A13M14 A13R152 A13M13 A13R151 A13M16 A13R150 A13M15 A13M12 A13M11 A13R159 A13R157 A13R78T A13R156 A13R191T A13R154 A13R153 A11R4 A11R3 A11R2 A13R163T A11R1 A13R82T A13R135T A13R163 A13R160 A11M6 A11M7 A11M4 A13R169 A13R202 A11M5 A13R167 A13R166 A11M9 A13R172T A11M3 A13R83T A13R205 A11M11 A13R174 A11M12 A13R173 A11M13 A11M14 A13R171 A13R170 A11M10 A13R215 A13R213 A13R179 A13R212 A13R178 A13R177 A13R210 A13R176 A13R175 A13R219 A13R185 A13R184 A13R183 A13R180

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