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S5409S - Brand new AS-PL Starter motor

Brand new AS-PL Starter motor
Brand new AS-PL Starter motor
NZ$ 265.90 including GST
NZ$ 231.22 excluding GST
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MXS345 M0T81781 M000T81781 md341813 SNJ565 BXS0143 MXS297 70-6277 M0T31172 M00T31172 MD1810A0 706277 Arrowhead SMT0306 Lester 17907 Mitsubishi M0T20571 M0T20571ZC M994145D MR994145 PIC Picture ID 1035057 Wilson 91273391 J N 41048273 M000T20571 M000T20571ZC BSR4129X MD342382 m00t31171 m000t31171 m00t31172 m000t31172

Arrowhead SMT0286
BBB Industries 19038
Bosch Reman SR4117X
Bosch Service Europe 0-986-UR1-480
DENSO Auto Parts 280-4332
Dixie Electric Ltd S-80329
IAT S19038
Industry 19038
J&N 410-48220
Lester 19038
Mitsubishi MN137825
Mitsubishi Electric M0T31071
Mitsubishi Reman M137825D
PIC 103-421A
Romaine Electric 41-17906
Standard Starter Drive 436538
Voltux V1-19038
Wilson 91-27-3414

410-48273 41048273

0986UR1480 Bosch ruil
114488 Cargo
150549082 PSH
1810A025 Mitsubishi
1810A098 Mitsubishi
254190 Elstock
DRS0287 Remy
DRS0688 Remy
LRS02518 Lucas
LRS2518 Lucas
M000T31071 Mitsubishi
M000T31171 Mitsubishi
M000T31771 Mitsubishi
M000T32471 Mitsubishi
M0T31071 Mitsubishi
M0T31171 Mitsubishi
M0T31771 Mitsubishi
M0T32471 Mitsubishi
M137825D Mitsubishi
MN128202 Mitsubishi
MN137825 Mitsubishi
SR4117X Bosch (USA)
STR71166 Wood Auto
WOOSTR71166 Wood Auto

Kilowatt1.3 kW
Length (L.1)193 mm
Mount Hole Center - Center (O.1)97 mm
Mount Hole Diameter (C.1)M10x1.25 mm
Mount Hole Diameter (C.2)10.5 mm
No./Mount holes2 qty
No./Mount holes with thread1 qty
No./Teeth8 qty
Pinion at Rest (B)9 mm
Spigot Diameter (A)71 mm
Voltage12 V
Make Model Type Year
MITSUBISHI Eclipse 3.8 01.2006-12.2006
MITSUBISHI Eclipse 3.8 01.2007-12.2007
MITSUBISHI Eclipse 3.8 01.2008-12.2008
MITSUBISHI Eclipse 3.8 01.2009-12.2009
MITSUBISHI Eclipse 3.8 01.2010-12.2010
MITSUBISHI Eclipse 3.8 01.2011-12.2011
MITSUBISHI Eclipse 3.8 01.2012-12.2012
MITSUBISHI Endeavor 3.8 01.2004-12.2004
MITSUBISHI Endeavor 3.8 01.2005-12.2005
MITSUBISHI Endeavor 3.8 01.2006-12.2006
MITSUBISHI Endeavor 3.8 01.2007-12.2007
MITSUBISHI Endeavor 3.8 01.2008-12.2008
MITSUBISHI Endeavor 3.8 01.2010-12.2010
MITSUBISHI Endeavor 3.8 01.2011-12.2011
MITSUBISHI Galant 3.8 01.2005-12.2005
MITSUBISHI Galant 3.8 01.2006-12.2006
MITSUBISHI Galant 3.8 01.2007-12.2007
MITSUBISHI Galant 3.8 01.2008-12.2008
MITSUBISHI Galant 3.8 01.2009-12.2009
150.935.082 17907N 17907R 91-27-3391 M000T20571 M0T20571 M0T20571ZC MR994145 STM4945 UD20392S

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