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ASL9068S - Brand new AS-PL Alternator slip ring

Brand new AS-PL Alternator slip ring
Brand new AS-PL Alternator slip ring
NZ$ 7.87 including GST
NZ$ 6.84 excluding GST
Purchase Qty:
Height (H.1)9.3 mm
Height (H.2)8.5 mm
Height of Slipring (Hc.)22.5 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)10 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)25 mm
Space between Copper Rings (J.1)2 mm
8EM2021KB 1.2019.0 8EM2021KA 8HC3010G 8EA2005KA 8EK2009FC 8LHA3072P 8HC3022F 8EK2009FB 8EM2006KA 8LHA2040RA 8LHA3096U 8SA2009R 8MH2007P 8SC2007ZR M12N51A1 8MR2010P 8SC3011U 8LHA2011R 8MR2058P 8MR2022K 8MR2034L 8LHA3031PA 8EA2014FA 8LHA2023V 8MH2006K 8EM2010KA 132625 8MR2023F 8MR2011F 8LHA3071P 8MR3005CA 8EM2008NA 8LHA2024R 8MR2035T 8SC3022V 8LHA2012R 8MR2059T A9044 8LHA2028VS 8HC2009P 8EA2003FB 8EH2001NA 8EA2003FA 8EK2005NB 8MR2002 8MR2001 8MR2004 8MR2003 MH24N902 12SA108B 8EA2017NA MH24N901 12SA108A 8LHA2041VA 8LHA2087VA 8EK2008FB 8EM2007KA Y3N3S1 A12NEB451 8MR2198LS 8MR3404G 8MR2044K 8LHA2057V 28-4851 214007 MA24900 8LHA3025P 8MH2008P 8EA2002FA 12SA109A 12SA109B 8EM2009NC 8EM2009ND 8EM2009NA MA12N600 8MR2069T 8MR2050FC 8MR2401U 8MR3405G 8LHA2022R ASP2625 8MR2021K 8MR2006 8EB2002FB 8SA2017R MR12N451D 8MA2010P 8EM2013NA A12PEB451 8SC2010Z 8HC3002F 8LHA3076R 8MR2014K 8SC3015U 8SA2023VA 8SC3003U MA12N600D 8EA2019DB 8LHA2027R 8MR2026P 8SA3065P 8EA2019DA 8SA2016R 8SA2004R 8SC4006U 8EA2001FA 8MR2070T 8EA2020NB 8MR2015K MR12N600D 8MR2039K 8SA2035VA 8SC3014U 8SC3002U 8EA2020NA 8HC3025F M12N371 8EM3002GC 8LHA2028V 8EM3002GA 8MR2027T MR12N451 8HC2021K 8SA3064P 8MR2071T 12SA110A 12SA110B M12N37A UD18984ASL A12PEB550 8LHA2081V MA12P550 8MR2048K 8MA2020P 8MR2036K 8SC3017V 8SC3005V 8SA2007R 8MR2024F 8SA2019R 8LHC2010Z 8MR2012P M12NCM451 8LHA2037V M12NCM452 M12N37A1 8HC2024K 8HC2012F 8LHA3096 8LHA2094V 8LHA2070V 8MR2013K Y3N3S 8EA3002GA 8MR2049K 8MR2025T 8MR3005C 8EM3001GA 8LHA2026V MR12N550 8EK2006FB 8HC2027PAS 8MR2199KS 8EK2006FA 8HC2023K 8LHA3073PS 8SC2001R 12SA102B 8EM2025KA 8MA2014P 8SA2001N 8EM2015NA 12SA102A 8LHA3056R MA12N550 8MA3007F 8SC3019U 8HC3006F 8MR2018K 8MR2050F 8HC2014K 8LHA2050VS 8EA2009KA 8MA2015G 8MR3301G 8LHA2063R 8SA3005P 8MA2003P 12N72 12SA103A 12SA115B 12SA103B 8SA2012R 12SA115A 8MA2015T 8SA2024R 8MR2051F 8SC3018V 8LHA2050VA 8HC3017G 8EA3003GA 8MR2019K 8MR2007K 8MH3005F 8HC2013P 8EK2004DB 8HC2001L 8EK2004DC 12SA202 12SA201 8EK2004DA 12NP72 8MA2004K 8EM2003KA 8SC2004Z 8SA2015R SLR39114 MA12N451 8EA2013NA 8MH2001P 8SC3009Z 8MR2016K MA12NJD1201 139790 8MR2084K M12N51 8MR2028T MH12N601 8EA2008KA 8LHA2073V MH12N602 8HC2004F 12SA101A 12SA113B 8EA2021FA 12SA101B 8SA2002N 8SA2014R 12SA113A 8SC30092 8MA3006F 8EM2020NB 8MA2013P 8SC3008U 8MA2014PA M12N37 8EM2001FA 8EA3004GA 8SA3006P MA12NJD601 MA12NJD602 Y5N3S1 8HC2003P MA12NJD603 8MR2126U MA12NJD604 8HC2027P 8MR2085K 8EM2020NA 8HC2015L A12NEB600 8MA2002K 8SC4020U 8MR2072LS 8MR3300G 8MH2003K 12SA106B 8EA2007KA 8EK2010NA 12SA106A M12N51A 8EA2012NA 8MR2175F MH12N601A 8EM2004KB A12NEB550 MH12NJC551 8LHC2004Z A9274S 8HC2018L 8MA2019K 8MR2030T 8EA2016FA 8SA2032R 2432SA107A 8MH2002P 8SC3009ZA A12PEB600 8EM2002FA 8EM2016KA 8EK2003FA 8EK2003FB 8HC2027PB 8HC2005L 8LHA2032V 8MA2008K 112-22 8EK2007NB 81113764 2432SA104B 8HC2008F 8EA2006KA 8LHA2028VA 8SA2011R 8EA2011NA 1113764 8MR2008P 8EM2005KB 8EM2005KA 8SC3021V 8MA2005F 8MR2052K 8MR2185L MR12N600 8SA2023V MH24N901B MH24N901A 8LHA2032VS Y5N3SES 8HC2007F 110555 12SA105A 8MH2004F 12SA105B 8MA2001 8SA2010R 8SA2022R 8EA2023NA 8MR2009P 8EA2010KA 8LHA2070VB 8EM2017KA 8SC3068V 8LHA2032VA 8LHA2070VA M12N511 8EA2004FA 8MA2018P 8LHA2030R

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