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S1106S - Brand new AS-PL Starter motor

Brand new AS-PL Starter motor
Brand new AS-PL Starter motor
NZ$ 272.50 including GST
NZ$ 236.96 excluding GST
No stock in NZ
Item available to backorder, submit your order. Aprox 7-14 day delay - $40 Air freight charge additional
Purchase Qty:
UD02627S ASPL 8000455 DELCO 8000534 DRS0988 254457 ELSTOCK 361004A100 HYUNDAI / KIA 361004A150 361004A200 LRS02784 LUCAS PXPSA513 PARTS MALL 150.586.112 PSH 1202355 VALEO VXS933 706699 snd065gq Opel 150586112 Kia 361004A160 Remy Lucas S0001202355 Valeo Elstock 326075112 DRI show 8000868 9674 CEVAM ACS127 ATK J5210531 Herth Buss
Kilowatt2.2 kW
Length (L.1)220 mm
Mount Hole Center - Center (O.1)105 mm
Mount Hole Diameter (C.1)M10x1.25 mm
Mount Hole Diameter (C.2)M10x1.25 mm
No./Mount holes2 qty
No./Mount holes with thread2 qty
No./Teeth11 qty
Pinion at Rest (B)20 mm
Spigot Diameter (A)78.5 mm
Unit TypeDELCO
Voltage12 V
Make Model Type Year
HYUNDAI H-1 2.5 CRDi [D4CB] 02.2008-
HYUNDAI H-1 2.5 CRDi [D4CB] 05.2008-
HYUNDAI H-1 2.5 CRDi [D4CB] 07.2008-
HYUNDAI H-1 2.5 CRDi [D4CB] 07.2010-
HYUNDAI H-1 2.5 CRDi [D4CB] 08.2009-
HYUNDAI H-1 2.5 CRDi [D4CB] 08.2011-
KIA K2500 2.5 CRDi [D4CB] 01.2010-

S3115(VALEO) Genuine Valeo Version

11040904 1202355 150.586.112 20493641OE 25-4457 255681V 36100-4A100 36100-4A150 36100-4A160 36100-4A200 6032146.1 8000455 8000534 9674 AEY2784 CST32146GS DRS0988 DS2098 LRS02784 LRS2784 S0001202355 STA4300 STR54197 UD18604S 220854

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