SS5019 - Brand new AS-PL Starter motor solenoid

Brand new AS-PL Starter motor solenoid
Brand new AS-PL Starter motor solenoid
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M373X07771 S5022 S5027 S5028 S5055 S5061 S5064 S5301S M008T60171 M008T62471 M008T62671 M008T63271 M009T60172 M009T60371 M009T60372 M009T60471 M009T60671 M009T60672 M009T61171 M009T61471 M009T61474 M009T61571 M009T61971 M009T61971AM M009T62071 M009T62171 M009T62172 M009T62571 M009T62572 M009T62671 M009T62671AM M009T62971 M009T64671 M009T64771 M009T64971 M009T64972 M009T65571 M009T66371 M8T60171 M8T62471 M8T62671 M8T63271 M9T60172 M9T60371 M9T60372 M9T60471 M9T60671 M9T60672 M9T61171 M9T61471 M9T61474 M9T61571 M9T61971 M9T61971AM M9T62071 M9T62171 M9T62172 M9T62571 M9T62572 M9T62671 M9T62671AM M9T62971 M9T64671 M9T64771 M9T64971 M9T64972 M9T65571 M9T66371 S5147
B+ Stud Diameter & Thread Pitch (B+)M10x1.5 mm
Coil Bolt Diameter & Thread Pitch (Coil Bolt)M10x1.5 mm
Coil Bolt Length32.6 mm
L.B+37.6 mm
Length (L.1)107.3 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)55.2 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.2)53.4 mm
Voltage24 V
S5301S M009T60172 M009T64771 81012448 M009T62071 M9T65971 M9T65571 M9T62671AM M373X07771 227276 SSM9102 66-83121-1 ZM3897 M9T62171 M9T66371 S5192 237102 M9T62572 51262120017 M9T60671 M9T62971 20337206 M9T60672 CQ2031395 M9T62172 M9T62571 SS5019 MITM371XB4171 M8T60171 M8T62471 4.6259.9 M009T60671 M009T62971 M009T60672 M009T62572 S5022 M009T62571 M009T62172 M009T62171 M9T61474 M9T61471 M009T62671AM M009T66371 SSM7102 S5147 S5027 M8T63271 S5028 M008T62471 M9T60372 M9T64972 M9T62671 M9T64971 M008T60171 M9T60371 20486515 M009T65571 SND1500 E9045 M009T64972 M009T60372 M009T64971 M009T62671 M009T60371 M9T61571 M9T61171 M008T63271 054.000.163 M9T61971 M009T61474 M009T66371AM M009T61471 M9T60471 M9T64671 M371XB6571 M8T62671 M9T61971AM F042010558 M009T60471 S5061 M009T61971AM S5187 M009T64671 S5064 S5239S SSO35602 CSO35602 M009T61571 M008T62671 M9T62071 B4171 S5055 M9T66371AM M009T61171 S5443S 5001866922 M9T64771 M9T60172 M371XB4180 M371XB4171 M371XB4178 M373XB6571 M371XB4971 S5214 M009T61971

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