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SS3003(VALEO) - Brand new OEM VALEO Starter motor solenoid

Brand new OEM VALEO Starter motor solenoid
Brand new OEM VALEO Starter motor solenoid
NZ$ 180.88 including GST
NZ$ 157.28 excluding GST
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Item available to backorder, submit your order. Aprox 7-14 day delay - $40 Air freight charge additional
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3610023050 3610023150 D6RA10 D6RA12 D6RA13 D6RA133 D6RA141 D6RA15 D6RA20 D6RA210 D6RA33 D6RA39 D6RA40 D6RA41 D6RA42 D6RA44 D6RA45 D6RA46 D6RA49 D6RA5 D6RA53 D6RA56 D6RA571 D6RA59 D6RA6 D6RA61 D6RA63 D6RA7 D6RA73 D6RA76 D6RA77 D6RA78 D6RA79 D7R13 D7R16 D7R18 D7R22 D7R23 D7R25 D7R33 D7R42 D7R5 D7R61 D7R7 MD308088 MD329260 S3004 S3005
B+ Stud Diameter & Thread Pitch (B+)M8x1.25 mm
Coil Bolt Diameter & Thread Pitch (Coil Bolt)M8x1.25 mm
Coil Bolt Length9 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)25.2 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)25.2 mm
L.B+15 mm
Length (L.1)59 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)54 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.2)44.5 mm
Unit TypeVALEO
Voltage12 V
9405836488 594604 D7R33 594325 MD308088 132976 4.6129.9 MD329260 594045 054.000.161 594322 594370 CED564 20379311 D6RA73 F042010371 D7R23 S3066 D7R25 SSO15113 ZM491 D7R42 S3155S 594319 S3053 D6RA10 D6RA12 D6RA56 3610023150 D6RA13 NE777 594275 D6RA15 D6RA59 UD805252(VALEO)SS 594113 D6RA61 UD21185S D6RA63 D6RA20 S3011 227383 S3013 4.6005.1 D6RA141 E7464 SSV2976 D7R7 594268 D6RA44 D7R5 594269 D6RA45 D6RA46 D6RA49 594145 594267 594273 227056 D6RA53 S3001 S3005 S3004 CSO15113 1244607-00 D6RA571 D7R61 S3030 D7R22 D6RA76 D6RA33 D6RA77 6670-1212 3610023050 D6RA78 66-9470 D6RA79 SND12901 D6RA5 D6RA6 D6RA7 594178 AME0060 D6RA39 CED552 81012240 D6RA40 D6RA41 D6RA42 D7R13 D7R16 D7R18 D6RA133 D6RA210 940113050060

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