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SF5037S - Brand new AS-PL Starter motor yoke with field coil

Brand new AS-PL Starter motor yoke with field coil
Brand new AS-PL Starter motor yoke with field coil
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NZ$ 80.88 excluding GST
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S5007 M8T75071 SB5007 M008T75071 M2T87171 M2T87271ZT M2T88171 M2T87071ZT M8T70471 ME202970 M2T88271 1810A050 M8T75074 M2T87971 ME204424A M2T85671 ME201650 M8T70471A MD344183 MD331137 M2T87071 ME204424 ME204425B M2T85672 MD315548 MD344182 1810A053 M2T85271 M2T87171ZT MD348221 M2T87271 M2T85871 M8T75073A MD312858 M2T87371 M2T88473 M2T87072ZT M8T75073 M2T88071 ME201650A M8T75071A M2T88471 ME204425 M002T87171 M002T87271ZT M002T88171 M002T87071ZT M008T70471 M002T88271 M008T75074 M002T87971 M002T85671 M008T70471A M002T87071 M002T85672 M002T85271 M002T87171ZT M002T87271 M002T85871 M008T75073A M002T87371 M002T88473 M002T87072ZT M008T75073 M002T88071 M008T75071A S5105 S5036 S5099 M2T88971 S5106 S5050 m002t87271zt M002T87271 M002T87271ZT M2T87271 M2T87271ZT

Height (H.1)71.5 mm
Height (H.2)63 mm
Kilowatt2.2 kW
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)82 mm
TypeFields with Housing
Voltage12 V
M002T85271 S5083 M002T87971 M002T85671 M002T85672 S5410S M2T87171ZT MD348221 UD45361SF S5007 M002T88271 31202P5AA01 M2T87271 M800X49877 M800X49871 M2T88473 M002T87171 WL0218X65 M2T88271 S5144 ME204425 M8T70471A ME204424 M2T85672 M2T85671 M2T85271 ME201650A M2T87971 M002T87071ZT M002T88171 237087 S5099 M2T87171 M8T75074 MITM800X49871 M8T75073 M8T75071 MD315548 3111068D00 M2T86871 M008T75071A M002T87071 3617142355 M002T87271ZT M8T70471 ME201650 M8T75071A M2T88171 S5478S M002T85871 M2T86271 M2TS0671 M002T88071 31202RSRE01 M2T87071ZT M002T87072ZT M2T87071 1810A053 S5155 1810A050 MD312858 MD344183 M2T87271ZT MD344182 M008T75073A ME204424A SFM1504YJ M008T70471 S5036 M008T70471A M002T87371 M8T75073A M2T88071 S5100 M2T88471 M2T86171 M002T87171ZT M2T85871 231504 ME204425B M2T84781 M2T87072ZT M008T75071 S5223 M008T75073 M008T75074 S5105 S5106 ME202970 M002T88473 S5050 MD618974 M2T87371 SB5007 SFM1504 WL02-18-X65 MD331137 M2T88572 M2T88971 M002T87271 S5216

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