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SF5008 - Brand new AS-PL Starter motor yoke with magnets

Brand new AS-PL Starter motor yoke with magnets
Brand new AS-PL Starter motor yoke with magnets
NZ$ 55.83 including GST
NZ$ 48.55 excluding GST
No stock in NZ
No stock in NZ
233000W010 M000T60081 M000T60081A M000T60081ZC M000T60082 M000T60082ZC M000T60181 M000T60186 M000T60187 M000T85281 M000T85381 M000T85681 M000T85981 M000T86081 M000T86181 M000T86481 M000T86981 M000T87681 M000T87781 M000T87781ZC M000T93381 M0T60081 M0T60081A M0T60081ZC M0T60082 M0T60082ZC M0T60181 M0T60186 M0T60187 M0T85281 M0T85381 M0T85681 M0T85981 M0T86081 M0T86181 M0T86481 M0T86981 M0T87681 M0T87781 M0T87781ZC M0T93381 MD362207 S5035 S5274S M0T20872 M000T20872 S5295S M0T90981 M000T90981 S9314S 3610023170 S5039 M0T87881 M000T87881 S9080 3610037210
Brush gear:w/o
Height (H.1)56 mm
Height (H.2)45 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)66.8 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)70.8 mm
TypeMagnet Housing
Voltage12 V
M000T60081ZC M800X61672 M800X61671 S9088 M0T80381 S5381S M0T60082ZC M0T87781ZC S9080 M000T86181 M000T60187 M000T60186 SFM0498 YF47-18-X65 M0T60181 M000T85681 M000T87781 M0T85281 M0T20872 S5202 57-83219 M0T90981 S9314S M000T93381 S5295S UD40813SF M0T60186 M0T60187 M000T60181 M000T85381 M000T87681 M0T87881 M000T60081A M0T85981 S3195S M0T86081 M0T86481 M0T91381 M0T84381 M000T86981 S5037 S5038 M000T20872 S5035 S9314 UD47152SF S5039 M0T90482ZC M0T60081ZC S5274S M0T86981 5743-1212 M000T86481 M000T90981 M000T60082ZC M000T87781ZC M000T84381 M000T86081 M000T85981 UD44297SF M0T60081 M0T60082 230498 M0T85381 M0T87681 M000T87881 1015345 M0T60081A 3610037210 23302-1S710 S5259S M0T84881ZC 81015345 M0T90881 EC43300 S5342S M000T85281 M000T60082 M000T60081 M0T85681 M0T87781 S5261S 3610023170 M0T86181 M0T93381 M60082 MD362207 S5339S 23302-0W010

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