SD3001(VALEO) - Brand new OEM VALEO Starter motor drive

Brand new OEM VALEO Starter motor drive
Brand new OEM VALEO Starter motor drive
NZ$ 167.74 including GST
NZ$ 145.86 excluding GST
No NZ stock
Item Available ex Poland, Submit to backorder.$40 Air freight charges additional
Purchase Qty:
D9E136 D9E137 D9E138 D9E238 D9E39 D9E55 D9E61 D9E62 D9E70 D9E701 D9E76 D9E771 D9E78 D9E85 D9E851 D9E852 D9E86 D9E861 D9E100 D9E101 D9E109 D9E110 D9E113 D9E114 D9E123 D9E124 D9E125 D9E127 D9E129 D9E200 D9E237 D9E276 D9E278 D9E300 D9E36 D9E38 D9E46 D9E48 D9E49 D9E52 D9E54 D9E56 D9E66 D9E68 D9E69 D9E702 D9E74 D9E761 D9E77 D9E772 D9E773 D9E774 D9E776 D9E79 D9E81 D9E9 D9EP119 D9R237
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)12 mm
Length (L.1)55.2 mm
Length (L.2)24.2 mm
No./Splines9 qty
No./Teeth9 qty
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)25 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.2)46.7 mm
Unit TypeVALEO
D9E129 D9E78 D9E125 1187 D9E77 D9E127 D9E36 D9E79 D9E38 D9E123 D9E200 D9E761 D9E39 D9E124 D9E70 NE197 D9E74 26-46-40 UD809394(VALEO)SD D9E76 3158 54-9415 0287 1.01.0287.0 SDV7111 1.01.0287.1 099931 ZN1187 9405835568 D9E136 D9E851 D9E774 D9E137 D9E852 D9E138 D9E776 D9E46 D9R237 D9E49 D9E771 D9E48 D9E772 D9E773 D9E81 D9E85 D9E86 CQ2010848 ZN0287 D9E701 D9E702 D9E109 D9E56 D9E55 54-9415-1 D9E100 SDV3849 D9E101 D9E861 D9E300 225108 D9E52 225554 D9E54 D9E9 4.5060.1 184917 181804 131111 D9EP119 D9E114 D9E66 D9E237 D9E69 D9E238 D9E68 UD00371SD D9E110 D9E276 D9E113 D9E278 013610 D9E61 1011556 D9E62

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