S9363S - Brand new AS-PL Starter motor

**CLOSED on 22/01 and 25/01** AS Group NZ will be closed on Friday 22nd and Monday 25th for our annual stock take. All orders will be processed on Tuesday the 26th of Jan

Brand new AS-PL Starter motor


Producer: AS-PL
NZ$ 661.56 including GST
NZ$ 575.27 excluding GST
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11.132.310 AZF4361 UD16541S MS166 TS-6257 273-42109 IS1291 11.131.893 AZF4242 STI1698 72735794 T406716 3218965 182-30484 UNIT BOM 182-1161A
250032, LINDNER, 134 EP 4.4, [1204E-E44TA], , ,250032, PERKINS, 1204E 4.4, [1204E-E44TA], , ,250032, PERKINS, 1204E 4.4, [1204E-E44TTA], , ,250032, PERKINS, 1206E 6.6, [1206E-E66TA], , ,250032, PERKINS, 1206E 6.6, [1206E-E66TTA], ,

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