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S9080 - Brand new AS-PL Starter motor

Brand new AS-PL Starter motor
Brand new AS-PL Starter motor
NZ$ 237.66 including GST
NZ$ 206.66 excluding GST
No stock in NZ
Item available to backorder, submit your order. Aprox 7-14 day delay - $40 Air freight charge additional
Purchase Qty:
113020 17764N 20493901BN 20493901OE 25-3309 254273V 36100-37210 6032109 AEY1745 CST32109AS CST32109GS LES0242 LRS01745 M62957 S1122M S9080 SS472 STR75008 TM000A14401 mxs2015 snj124GQ 70-6233 mxs285 ARROWHEAD SMN0004 BOSCH SR4118N SR4118X HYUNDAI J N ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS 410-46003 LESTER 17764 LUCAS ELECTRIC MANDO VALEO 600071 WAI ECO Reman 17764R New Old 2-1990-MD ACE Zorkos CM17764N Alanko 441033 Alltech 124-17764 American Power Systems APS17764 Andre Niermann 012957 Armature G Roy Ashika 003-C146 Atelier Dynamo S17764 Auto Electric Suppliers ACS-146 Autoelectro Beck Arnley Remanufactured 187-0749 Bepco 80-17764 Bosch Canadian Tire 0195630 CASCO Delphi SX3064 DNS DRI A/S Denmark 326040082 DuBois EGI S-17764 Elpar Industries 014903617A ERA 220500 Excel 21283 Farcom 106401 Friesen 8070505 HC Parts CS1492 Herth & Buss J5210505 Hyundai 36100-37210RU 36100-37230 3610037210AT Kia 36100-37210R Lester Lucas Electrical Europe Elektrik Magneti Marelli 944280705050 Mando Metron Minnpar 57-2377 6882377 Mondial 73-023-40 73-023-40N Nastra S2323 882323 Velocity ES2323 Tech N17764 Our Part Number # PASCO S-130324 Select Powerite Automotive Precision Remanufacturing DOS525 Quality Rebuilders Raw Rayloc 44-6809 446809 4N6809 Real 20493011 Reliance 61385 Road Warrior Rotex Sovereign Stratoline Suncoast Techno CVC IMP-S17764 TSA UCP USA S2764 Valeo 600232 S0001195923 Wood Supplies STR3522 Zorko 410-48273
Kilowatt1.2 kW
Length (L.1)214 mm
Mount Hole Center - Center (O.1)97 mm
Mount Hole Diameter (C.1)M10x1.25 mm
Mount Hole Diameter (C.2)M10x1.25 mm
No./Mount holes2 qty
No./Mount holes with thread2 qty
No./Teeth8 qty
No./Teeth (Replaces)8 qty
Pinion at Rest (B)9 mm
Spigot Diameter (A)70 mm
Voltage12 V
Make Model Type Year
HYUNDAI Sonata 2.5 V6 [G6AV] 08.1998-09.2001
HYUNDAI Sonata 2.7 i V6 [G6BA] 10.2001-05.2005
KIA Optima 2.5 01.2001-01.2001
KIA Optima 2.7 01.2002-01.2002
KIA Sedona 3.5 01.2002-01.2002
KIA Sedona 3.5 01.2003-01.2003
KIA Sportage 2.7 V6 4WD [G6BA] 09.2004-
113020 17764N 20493901BN 20493901OE 25-3309 254273V 36100-37210 6032109 AEY1745 CGB-23927 CS1492 CST32109AS CST32109GS LES0242 LRS01745 LRS1745 M62957 MAV341090 S1122M S9080 SS472 STR75008 TM000A14401 220500

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