S5211 - Brand new AS-PL Starter motor

Brand new AS-PL Starter motor
Brand new AS-PL Starter motor
NZ$ 280.27 including GST
NZ$ 243.71 excluding GST
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250032, CATERPILLAR, 303CR, [S3L2], 01.2004-12.2006, ,250032, CATERPILLAR, 304CR, [S3L2], 01.2004-12.2006, ,250032, CUB CADET, 7530, [3-91], 01.2004-12.2007, ,250032, CUB CADET, 7532, [3-91], 01.2004-12.2007, ,250032, MITSUBISHI, Engine, [S3L], -1.2004,

001039620 113995 130-10105 195.505.132 1992334 19975N 20437452OE 25-4270 254475 254475M 31B66-00100 31B66-00101 6035254 8139 900.501.152 91-27-3518 CST35254 CST35254AS CST35254ES CST35254GS CST35254OS CST35254RS DRS0896 EAA-141481 EAA-161037 LRS02597 M001T68281 M1T68281 S-80432 STR71216 UD12414S 016839 Andre Niermann Cargo Remy 31B6600100 Mitsubishi 31B6600101 900505132 PSH Lucas S5211 AS-PLList AS-PL CARGO CASCO CATERPILLAR CEVAM DELCO DIXIE EAA ELSTOCK KUHNER LUCAS MASSEY FERGUSON MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHIList REAL ROBERT'S SANDO WAI / TRANSPO WILSON WOODAUTO Arrowhead SMT0357 Caterpillar 199-2334 Lester 19975 LRS2597 M001T68281ZC M1T68281ZC PIC Picture ID 103-454 103-5247 Youtech/PartRef 436583 Wilson M1T68282 Substitutes: J&N 410-48215 References: MXS2018 snj542 snj542gq 706415 015037 11040333 EuroTec 110933 251085 Elstock 330170628 33837 EAI 33927 4307SP Spidan 900501152 91273144 A76280 ATL ACS156 ATK DRS3713 HJS895 HC JS895 LRS01283 M002T50371 M002T50381 M002T50391 M2T50371 M2T50381 M2T50391 show MM409410 MM409414 SMT0215 Case 1273112C91 Delco 17141 LRS01131 31B66-00600 31B66-00601 31B66-01000 M2T57729 MM40941001 103-224 103-244 91-27-3144 70-6408 S5096 CST35173 CST35173AS CST35173ES CST35173GS CST35173OS CST35173RS CASE 8101 EAA-111362 25-1496 PARTS 20895 26.0895 LAUBER 20437371BN 20437371OE 6035173 17141N STR71002
Kilowatt1.7 kW
Length (L.1)223 mm
Mount Hole Diameter (C.1)11.5 mm
Mount Hole Diameter (C.2)11.5 mm
No./Mount holes2 qty
No./Mount holes with thread0 qty
No./Teeth13 qty
O.1118 mm
Pinion at Rest (B)30 mm
Spiggot Diameter (A)77 mm
Voltage12 V

Will Replace 15 tooth Version

Will replace OSGR style versions as well

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