S5181 - Brand new AS-PL Starter motor

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Brand new AS-PL Starter motor
Brand new AS-PL Starter motor


Producer: AS-PL

Replacement for: Mitsubishi
NZ$ 643.75 including GST
NZ$ 559.78 excluding GST
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0-24000-3040 0-24000-3041 0-24000-3042 114474 130-80125 131.513.112 1811003191 1811003241 1811004140 1811004142 1811004173 19167N 20437226 243-25213 254577 254577M 45-4430 6035622 8296 8980608540 8981412061 CST35622 CST35622AS CST35622ES CST35622GS CST35622OS CST35622RS DRS0912 DS2022 E02GES096 EAA-122097 LRS02757 M008T6097 M008T60971 M008T60971B M008T60972 M008T60973 M008T61371 M8T60971 M8T60971B M8T60972 M8T60973 M8T61371 MITM8T60973 S-80186 STR71221 UD11152S UD12417S
250032, HITACHI, ZX330 7.8, [6HK1X], 01.1999-12.2007, ,250032, HITACHI, ZX350 7.8, [6HK1X], 01.1999-12.2007, ,250032, HITACHI, ZX370 7.8, [6HK1X], 01.1999-12.2007, ,250032, ISUZU, Engine, [6HK1X], 01.1999-12.2007,

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