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ATR5001S - Brand new AS-PL Alternator terminal

Brand new AS-PL Alternator terminal
Brand new AS-PL Alternator terminal
NZ$ 23.69 including GST
NZ$ 20.60 excluding GST
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Item available to backorder, submit your order. Aprox 7-14 day delay - $40 Air freight charge additional
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A001TA3391 A001TA3391A A001TA3391B A001TA3391C A001TA3392 A005TA6291 A005TA6292C A005TA6292F A005TA6292G A005TA6292ZE A005TA6292ZEB A005TA6391A A005TA6392 A005TA6392C A005TG0192A A005TG0192B A005TG0881 A005TG0881ZE A005TG0881ZEA A005TG0881ZEB A005TG0891 A005TG1392 A005TG1392A A005TG1392B A1TA3391 A1TA3391A A1TA3391B A1TA3391C A1TA3392 A5TA6291 A5TA6292C A5TA6292F A5TA6292G A5TA6292ZE A5TA6292ZEB A5TA6391A A5TA6392 A5TA6392C A5TG0192A A5TG0192B A5TG0881 A5TG0881ZE A5TG0881ZEA A5TG0881ZEB A5TG0891 A5TG1392 A5TG1392A A5TG1392B A5038 A5048
Diameter (D.1)M8x1.25 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)6.5 mm
Length (L.1)136.8 mm
Connection Terminal
A005TA6292ZE A5TA6392C A5TG0891 A001TA3391C A5048 A001TA3391A A5TA6291 A001TA3391B A005TG0192 A5051 A5TG0881ZE A005TA6392C A005TA6292F A005TA6292G A5TG0881 A5TA6292C A5TA6292ZE A5038 AZM4069 A005TG1392 A005TG0881ZE A5TA6292G A1TA3391 A5TA6292F A005TA6392 A1TA3392 A005TG1392A A1TA3391C 234069 A1TA3391A A5280 A1TA3391B A5TG1392B A005TA6292C A5TG1392A UD14795ARS A005TG1392B A005TA6292ZEB A5108 A5TA6392 A5TG0192 A005TG0891 A005TG0881ZEA A005TG0881ZEB A5TA6292ZEB A5TG0192B A5TG0192A A5TA6391A A5TG1392 A001TA3392 A001TA3391 A005TA6291 A5370S A005TG0192A A005TG0192B A005TA6391A A5TG0881ZEA A005TG0881 A5TG0881ZEB

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