AS5008 - Brand new AS-PL Alternator stator

Brand new AS-PL Alternator stator
Brand new AS-PL Alternator stator
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A005TA5271, A005TA5271ZC
Nissan 23100VJ210

1045390 1071418 LR140423G AB150017 AB160044 AB160063 HAB160102 A005T00877 A005T00972 A005T01271 A005T01577 A005T01977 A005T02777 A005T03092 A005T03192 A005T03477 A005T03677 A005T04092 A005T04392 A005T04392A A005T05473 A005T06291 A005T06391 A005T06391Z A005T06891 A005T06891A A005T06891B A005T06891C A005T6891A A005T6891T A005TA1091 A005TA1091Z A5T00192 A5T00877 A5T00972 A5T01076 A5T01094 A5T01271 A5T01577 A5T01599 A5T01777 A5T01977 A5T02677 A5T02677X A5T02677Y A5T02677Z A5T02777 A5T03092 A5T03192 A5T03391 A5T03391A A5T03477 A5T03477X A5T03477Y A5T03479 A5T03677 A5T03677A A5T03777 A5T04092 A5T04392 A5T04392A A5T04392B A5T04492A A5T04492B A5T05472 A5T05473 A5T05473A A5T05473B A5T06291 A5T06391 A5T06391ZC A5T06891 A5T06891A A5T06891B A5T06891C A5T06891D A5T06991 A5T06991A A5T06991B A5T07391 A5T6891A A5T6891T A5T6991 A5T7391 A5TA0591 A5TA0591A A5TA0991 A5TA0991ZC A5TA1091 A5TA1091ZC A5TA1891 A5TA2591 A5TA2891 A5TA2891A A5TA3177 A5TA3179 A5TA3477 A5TA44291 A5TA4591 A5TA4591ZC A5TA5271 A5TA5291 A5TA5372 A5TA5373 A5TA5891 MD325699 231000E711 231000E712 231000E716 231000E718 231000M010 2310045N11 2310047N13 2310080G14 2310080G16 2310095R10 A5024

Amp65 A
Height (H.1)59 mm
Height (H.2)20.1 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)95.2 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)95.2 mm
Lam. Stack Height (H.3)28.1 mm
No./Leads4 qty
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)122 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.2)119.3 mm
Outside Diameter of Windings (O.D.3)112.6 mm
Voltage12 V
A5T03391A A5T03391 A5T05473B A5T01094 A5T05473A A5T06391ZC A5TA44291 A005T01271 A5TA0591 A5TA2891 A5T02677X A5T02677Y A5T02677Z A005T04392A A5TA2891A A5TA0591A A5TA3179 A5T03677 A005T05473 A5T01777 A5TA5372 A5T06891 A5TA5373 2310095R10 A5TA1091ZC A5T6891A A5TA5891 A383T51070 A005TA1091Z A5T7391 A5T06891A A005T04092 A005T06391 A5TA0991 A383T39170 A005T00972 A5T6891T A5T06891C A5T06891B A5T04492B A5T04492A A5T06891D A005T03677 A383T39870 A5T6991 1045390 A5TA2591 A5T01076 A5T03092 A5T03477Y A5383S A383T49670 A5TA1891 A383T43570 A5T01599 A5T03477X A5T03777 A005T6891A A5T06991 134028 HAB160102 2310047N13 A5TA3177 A5024 MD325699 A005T06891 SSR35016 A005T06391Z A005T6891T A5T02677 A5TA4591 A383T37870 1111648 232264 AB150017 A5T03192 A5T07391 A5T06991A CSR35016AS A5T01977 A5T06991B A005T03092 A5T03479 1071418 A5T03477 A5T01577 A5T04392B A5T04392A A5TA1091 2310045N11 A5T00192 A5T04392 A005T06891A A005T06891C A005T06891B A5TA5291 A5T06291 A5T00877 AB160044 231000E718 231000E716 A5T02777 231000E711 231000E712 A5T05473 A005T03477 A5T05472 A5T01271 A5TA0991ZC A383T35070 A005T01977 A005T03192 A005T01577 A5TA3477 S3048 LR140423G A5TA5271 A005T02777 WST8969 A005TA1091 A5TA4591ZC A5059 231000M010 A5T06391 A5T04092 B366-18-W50 A383T44170 2310080G14 A5T03677A A005T06291 AB160063 A005T00877 2310080G16 A005T04392 A5T00972

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