AS5002 - Brand new AS-PL Alternator stator

Brand new AS-PL Alternator stator
Brand new AS-PL Alternator stator
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NZ$ 141.64 excluding GST
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No NZ stock
A002T34892 A002T35091 A002T35092 A002T35277 A002T37976 A002T82899 A002T82899AT A002T82899ZT A002TA0991 A002TA2871 A002TN0199 A002TN0299 A002TN0399 A002TN0499 A002TN0499ZT A002TN0599 A002TN1299 A2T34892 A2T35091 A2T35092 A2T35277 A2T37976 A2T81499 A2T82899 A2T82899A A2T82899AT A2T82899ZT A2TA0991 A2TA2871 A2TA2871A A2TN0199 A2TN0299 A2TN0399 A2TN0499 A2TN0499AT A2TN0499ZT A2TN0599 A2TN1299 A2TN1299ZT A2TN2871 A2TN3279 A2TN3279A MD175810 MD175811 MD184279 MD192133 MD304129 MD306648 MD306649 MD313939 MD314235 MD314236 MD314374 MD315430 MD316418 MD319575 MD332546 MD334546 MD366050 A5006 A2T01483 A002T01483 A5001 A5018 A2T11783
Amp65 A
Height (H.1)58.4 mm
Height (H.2)20.1 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)100.2 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)100.2 mm
Lam. Stack Height (H.3)27.6 mm
No./Leads3 qty
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)129.2 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.2)126.3 mm
Outside Diameter of Windings (O.D.3)119.3 mm
Voltage12 V
A2TN1299ZT A2TN0499ZT SSR35013 A002T35091 A2T11783 A002T35092 A002TN0399 A2TN0499AT A5006 A002TN0199 A2T35277 A2TA2871A A2TN1299 A2T37976 A2TN3279 A002TN0599 A2TN3279A MD319575 MD304129 A2T81499 MD175811 A002TN0499ZT MD314235 MD314236 MD334546 WST8980 A002T82899AT A2T34892 MD316418 A2TN0299 A5001 MD313939 A002TA2871 A2TN0499 A002T82899ZT A2TN2871 A2TA0991 A2T82899 A2T01483 A2T35091 A002T35277 MD315430 A2T35092 A383X46670 A2T82899AT A002TN0499 CQ1120120 A002TN0299 A2T82899ZT CSR35013AS A383T43370 A2T82899A 1116078 A002T37976 MD306649 MD306648 MD175810 MD192133 A383X43370 MD618732 A002T34892 MD314374 138623 A2TN0599 A002TN1299 A5018 A2TN0199 A2TN0399 A002TA0991 MD184279 MD332546 MD366050 A002T82899 A002T01483 A383T40170 A2TA2871 MD618574

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