AS2011 - Brand new AS-PL Alternator stator

Brand new AS-PL Alternator stator
Brand new AS-PL Alternator stator
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LR1100709 LR1100714 LR1100715 LR1100720B LR1100720C LR185701 LR185701B LR185701C LR185701E LR185701H LR185702 LR190715E LR190716B LR190717C LR190718B LR190719B LR190720B LR190721 LR190722B LR190724 LR190725B LR190725E LR190725F LR190727C LR190728 LR190728B LR190728E LR190729 LR190729B LR190732 LR190732B LR190732C LR190733 LR190733B LR190733C LR190737 LR190737B LR190737E LR190737F LR190744 LR190745 LR190747 LR190752 LR190752B LR190753 LR190754 231000P006 231000P507 231000P602 231000W000 231000W001 2310032J04 231003C400 2310043N01 231005V100 231006C000 231006C900 2310070T07 2310086L01 23100Y705 23700AA212 A2023 A2023(P) LR180-513B

Amp90 A
Height (H.1)59 mm
Height (H.2)22.2 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)98.6 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)98.6 mm
Lam. Stack Height (H.3)28.2 mm
No./Leads4 qty
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)128.5 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.2)126 mm
Outside Diameter of Windings (O.D.3)116 mm
Voltage12 V
LR190729B LR190725E LR190733B LR190737F 1115688 LR190737E UD01100AS SSR20034 LR190725F LR190733C LR190737B 231006C000 LR190717C LR190725B A2089S 23100Y705 LR190747 2310070T07 LR190745 LR190744 231003C400 LR190718B A2023(P) LR180-513 LR190722B 2310086L01 27-8108 WST87863 230864 L190G-5200 LR185702 LR185701 LR190737 UD01036AS LR190733 231005V100 LR190732 231000P507 LR190719B LR1100709 231006C900 CSR20034AS S/3063 A2037 LR190715E LR190727C LR190729 LR190728 LR190724 LR1100720B LR190721 23102-65F00 LR1100720C LR190728B LR185701E LR185701B LR185701C LR190720B LR190732C LR190732B A2023 LR190716B 231000W000 LR1100715 LR185701H 231000W001 LR1100714 LR190728E 2310032J04 LR190752B UD01039AS 231000P006 231000P602 LR190754 LR190753 2310043N01 LR190752 23700AA212 LR190750

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