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ARS2052S - Brand new AS-PL Oil seal

Brand new AS-PL Oil seal
Brand new AS-PL Alternator oil seal
NZ$ 6.96 including GST
NZ$ 6.05 excluding GST
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LR150135E LR150136B LR160670 LR150162 LR150401 LR160134 LR150136E LR160401 LR150403 LR140125C LR140402 LR160152F LR160164 LR140119C LR140125B LR155407CA LR22565 LR160143B LR160134B LR160417 LR150192 LR150204 LR160148F LR160135B LR160144 LR150419BA LR16097B LR150211B LR160147E LR160148E LR160146B LR160143 LR150211 15-104 501504  LR160146 LR150212 LR160414 LR15516B LR26018 LR150203 LR27002B LR170405 LR150423 LR160107B LR27002C LR140124C LR150148C LR150157B LR150202 LR26018E LR27002E LR26018B LR225407 LR26018C LR160147F LR150205 LR150212B LR150193 LR16096C LR150136C LR150402 LR150135 LR140410 LR150410CA LR15079H LR155410BA LR140119 LR150205B LR140410B LR150206 LR160108B LR22568B LR22565P LR160131 LR160152E LR22580B LR22580 LR16092C LR150201 LR16097C LR23558 LR155409 LR22567P LR150201B LR150139P LR140406 LR140130P LR140130B LR23562 LR16067H LR140408 23099Z5562 LR150147B LR15516P LR155408 LR225403 LR150147C LR155133E LR150137B LR160135 LR140415 LR24025 LR23570 LR23570B LR23568 LR24021 5812003161 8941699520 5812003163 8941720940 23100S9001 8942416302 8944046360 5812003162 8944050440 8944119072 8944017932 8944119082 8944050442 8942442982 23100S9000 23100T9001 23100G4100 23099R8111 23099S9001 23099R8109 TG9S011 2542729 2543479A 2543479 TG9S039

Height (H.1)7 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)15 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)32 mm
132297 LR16096C LR150403 LR150402 LR140119C LR140410B LR23568 8944046360 LR27002B LR27002C LR23562 LR27002E LR150401 LR150136E LR150136B LR16097B LR150148C AZH2297 LR150136C LR150205B 8941699520 LR16097C LR155408 LR23570B LR155133E LR155409 LR160108B 8944050442 LR150193 LR150410CA LR150192 LR24025 LR160148F LR150135E LR160148E L150M-29221 LR23570 LR24021 LR150147B LR150147C LR160152F 8944050440 LR160152E 8944017932 2542729 23099R8111 LR150419BA LR160107B LR160670 23099R8109 LR160147F LR160147E EC3947A LR160135B LR150423 LR150211B 23099Z5562 LR22567P UD18235ARS LR170405 LR16067H LR160164 TG9S039 LR22568B LR160134B LR160146B LR150135 23099S9001 5812003162 LR150137B 5812003163 23100T9001 5812003161 LR16092C LR150206 LR140402 LR150205 LR155410BA LR150204 LR160134 2543479 LR160135 LR155407CA LR160131 LR150162 LR160417 LR140130P 8941720940 LR160414 LR15079H LR150203 LR150202 LR15516P LR150201 LR150201B LR140406 LR140408 LR140130B 2543479A LR22565P L150M-19221 LR160144 LR160146 LR15516B LR160143 LR22565 LR150139P 8942442982 LR150212B LR140119 TG9S011 23100S9001 23100S9000 8944119082 LR140125C LR140125B 14658-36W00 LR160143B 23100G4100 LR26018E 068.000.003 LR140410 LR225407 81116189 8944119072 LR26018C LR225403 LR26018 LR140124C LR23558 LR26018B 8942416302 LR160401 LR22580 LR140415 LR150212 LR150157B LR150211 LR22580B

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