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ARE2073S - Brand new AS-PL Alternator regulator

Brand new AS-PL Alternator regulator
Brand new AS-PL Alternator regulator
NZ$ 31.28 including GST
NZ$ 27.20 excluding GST
No stock in NZ
Item available to backorder, submit your order. Aprox 7-14 day delay - $40 Air freight charge additional
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LR12534 LR135102 LR11515C LR12015B LR12015C LR12016B LR12022 LR12023 LR12034 LR12537 LR12540 LR12540B LR135104 LR135105 LR135106 LR135115 LR135116 LR135118 LR135121 LR135124 LR135125 LR135126 LR135127 LR135128 LR135131 LR13558 LR13558B LR13574 LR13574B LR13586 LR13586B LR13586C LR13586F LR13591 LR13593 LR13595 LR13595B LR140128 LR140136 LR140186C LR150165 LR150186B LR150186C LR150190 LR150191 LR15501 LR15520 LR15520B LR15529 LR15530B LR15530C LR160171 LR18003C
Voltage12 V
495755601 LR160171 5812700040 TR1Z-44 LR135127 LR135126 LR12540B LR135128 XTR1Z-63 LR12015B LR140128 LR12015C LR12034 LR135125 LR135124 LR150165 LR135121 LR15501 940038073010 TR1Z-49 LR15520B LR140186C 215376 SRE20107 1115879 LR150191 LR150190 LR12016B LR13574 LR135131 LR15529 LR12537 LR13574B LR13586C LR13586F 132434 CRE20107 ARH5215 LR13586B VRG46803 X-TR1Z44 LR13558B LR135105 23500-99010 LR135104 LR150186C 23500-99011 LR150186B LR135106 TR1Z-63 RTR8013 LR13586 LR135102 LR15520 TR1Z-69 LR12534 VR-H2000-2 LR13558 LR15530C LR15530B LR13595B LR140136 L135-13152 UD14128ARE LR11515C IH215 TR1Z-34 LR135116 LR13591 LR135115 LR135118 LR13593 0124080-77390 LR13595 LR12022 LR12023 940038073 LR12540 LR18003C

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