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ARC5122 - Brand new AS-PL Alternator rectifier

Brand new AS-PL Alternator rectifier
Brand new AS-PL Alternator rectifier
NZ$ 78.11 including GST
NZ$ 67.92 excluding GST
No stock in NZ
Item available to backorder, submit your order. Aprox 7-14 day delay - $40 Air freight charge additional
Purchase Qty:
A5046 A5046 A004TA0592 A004TA0594 A004TA8494 A4TA0592 A4TA0594 A4TA8494 A002T80591A A002TA1099A A002TA5391 A002TA5391ZT A002TA5393ZC A002TA5394 A002TB0892 A002TB1298 A002TB1299 A002TB3791 A002TB5791 A002TB5791ZC A002TB6481 A002TB7391 A002TC0391 A002TC0981 A2T80591A A2TA1099A A2TA5391 A2TA5391ZT A2TA5393ZC A2TA5394 A2TB0892 A2TB1298 A2TB1299 A2TB3791 A2TB5791 A2TB5791ZC A2TB6481 A2TB7391 A2TC0391 A2TC0981 MD317862 MD343562 MD363639 MD368519 A5019 A4TR5591ZT A004TR5591ZT
B+ Stud Diameter & Thread Pitch (B+d)M8X1.25 mm
B+ Thread Length (B+H)34 mm
Diodes (Main)8 qty
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)123 mm
Reg/Rec ComboNo
With Attached BracketNo
A002TA1099A A004TR5591ZT A002TB5791 A2TB7391 MD343562 A5009 A002TB6481 A002TC0981 CRC35600 A2TB1298 A002TA5393ZC A2TB3791 A002TC0391 A5010 A004TA0594 A002TA5394 A002TA5391 A002TB0892 A2TA5391ZT A4TA8494 AMP1280 A004TA0592 MD317862 A4TR5591ZT A2TA5393ZC SRC35600 A5037 A2TA6099 A2TB5791ZC A5046 MD363639 A002TB1299 RM205 A4TA8491AZ9 238948 A2TA1099A A002TA5391ZT A002TB3791 A2TB6481 053.000.119 A2TC0981 A002TB1298 A004TA8491AM A002TB5791ZC A002TB7391 IMR10054 A2TB5791 A2TA5394 A002T80591A 21137006 A4TA0594 A2TA5391 A2TB0892 A004TA8491AZ9 A2TC0391 A2T80591A MD368519 AEM8948 PRP754 940016128000 A5019 A4TA8491AM A004TA8494 A4TA0592 A2TB1299 A5020

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