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ARC5025 - Brand new AS-PL Alternator rectifier

Brand new AS-PL Alternator rectifier
Brand new AS-PL Alternator rectifier
NZ$ 37.77 including GST
NZ$ 32.84 excluding GST
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Item available to backorder, submit your order. Aprox 7-14 day delay - $40 Air freight charge additional
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A002T27176 A002T27376 A002T27477 A002T27477A A002T32077 A002T41477 A002T41483 A002T41599 A002T41899 A002T43583 A002T72186 A002T72188 A002T72189 A002T72190 A002T72286 A002T72299 A002T72378 A002T72383 A002T72576 A002T72676 A002T72893 A002T73176 A002T73499 A002T73586 A002T74599 A002T75686 A2T25979 A2T27176 A2T27376 A2T27477 A2T27477A A2T32077 A2T32277 A2T32386 A2T32583 A2T40483 A2T40484 A2T41477 A2T41483 A2T41599 A2T41899 A2T42899 A2T43183 A2T43583 A2T72185 A2T72186 A2T72188 A2T72189 A2T72190 A2T72286 A2T72299 A2T72378 A2T72383 A2T72483 A2T72576 A2T72676 A2T72776 A2T72883 A2T72893 A2T73176 A2T73499 A2T73586 A2T74599 A2T75686 A3T34179 MD013742 MD050190 MD061430 MD075795 MD085874 MD087246 ME007582 ME017562 ME017585 ME017602 ME037616 ME037640 ME057658 ME067522 ME067622 ME087501 ME087595 ME087642
B+ Stud Diameter & Thread Pitch (B+d)M5x0.8 mm
B+ Thread Length (B+H)40 mm
Diode Amp Rating25 A
Diodes (Main)6 qty
Mount Distance (C-C)85 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)98.9 mm
Reg/Rec ComboNo
With Attached BracketNo
MD087246 RTF49824 A2T75686 ME017585 RM-73 A2T72299 A2T72576 A2T74599 A002T73176 RF03-18-300C ME087501 132463 A2T72186 UBJ302 A2T72185 A002T72190 A2T72188 A2T72189 MD013742 ME037640 A2T32277 A002T43583 21513105 CQ1080655 ME067622 A2T27376 IMR8545 ME017602 A2T32386 ME017562 A002T72383 A2T72190 A5278 A2T41899 23230-04D00 A2T25979 A2T41483 A2T72483 ME057658 A2T73176 A2T72883 A002T27376 A002T72893 A002T73586 A002T72378 MD050190 A2T27477 215628 A2T72776 S215-24-510 REC-555L ME700636 139604 A002T41899 A2T72893 A2T73586 A2T72378 A002T72286 A002T73499 A2T41477 A2T41599 A860T08770 ME007582 940038258 81111799 A2T72383 A2T32077 A002T27477 A002T72676 A002T41483 A2T27176 A002T41599 A002T41477 ME037616 MD061430 A860T15170 A2T27477A A2T72676 A2T32583 A002T72186 A002T72188 A002T72189 A3T34179 ME087642 A2T40483 A2T40484 A2T43583 A2T43183 MD085874 A002T32077 A2T72286 MD607680 A2T73499 A002T75686 A002T27176 A002T72299 A002T74599 A002T27477A A002T72576 MD075795 A2T42899 ME087595 REC-555 ME067522

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