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AR5008 - Brand new AS-PL Alternator rotor

Brand new AS-PL Alternator rotor
Brand new AS-PL Alternator rotor
NZ$ 134.97 including GST
NZ$ 117.36 excluding GST
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Item available to backorder, submit your order. Aprox 7-14 day delay - $40 Air freight charge additional
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1019077 3395460 3465426 3601014 4344538 6199412 7118750 7275999 7276000 7276001 91AB10300SA 92AB10300DC 92AB10300DD 92AB10300FA 92AB10300FB 92AB10300JA 92AB10300JB 94FB10300AB A2T13391D A2T13391E A2T13894 A2T13977X A2T13977Y A2T14591 A2T14592 A2T18792 A2T27594 A2T27594A A2T28792 A2T29394 A2T29494 A2T29594 A2T32692 A2T33191 A2T33191A A2T33191ZC A2T33493 A2T33493A A2T33891 A2T33891ZC A2T33991 A2T33991A A2T34591 A2T34591A A2T34591B A2T34692A A2T34692B A2T35791 A2T35791A A2T36391 A2T36392 A2T36578 A2T36578A A2T37291 A2T37391 A2T37391A A2T37391ZC A2T37691 A2T37691A A2T38291 A2T38391 A2T38391ZC A2T38491 A2T38891 A2T38892 A2T38892A A2T38977 A2T39091 A2T39291 A2T39391 A2T39891 A2T39991 A2T39992 A2T40091 A2T40091A A2T40092 A2T40092A A2T80491 A2T80591 A2T80591A A2T80591ZC A2T81791 A2T81791A A2T81891 A2T82491 A2T82491A A2T83291 A2T83491 A2T83491A A2T83591 A2TA0091 A2TA0291 A2TA0291B A2TA0291C A2TA0291D A2TA0291F A2TA0491 A2TA0791 A2TA1099 A2TA1099A A2TA1191 A2TA1991 A2TA1991D A2TA1991F A2TA1994 A2TA1994B A2TA1994C A2TA1994D A2TA2292 A2TA2392 A2TA2492 A2TA2591 A2TA3491 A2TA3891 A2TA3891A A2TA3891B A2TA3991 A2TA4091 A2TA4091A A2TA4092A A2TA5393ZC A2TA5991 A2TA5991A A2TA6099 A2TA6099A A2TA6099AT A2TB0091 A2TB0091A A2TB0091B A2TB0191 A2TB0191A A2TB0191B A2TB1298 A2TB1299 A2TB2391 A2TB4391 A2TB4577 A2TB5276 A2TB6191 A2TB6192 A2TB7591 A2TB7791 A2TB8691 A2TC0691 A2TC0691A A2TC0691AE A2TC0691ZE MD184280 MD189658 MD189659 MD190812 MD190819 MD191402 MD193323 MD194466 MD194467 MD194482 MD195437 MD198164 MD305852 MD309837 MD309845 MD317401 MD317866 MD354786 MD354797 MD361621 MD361624 231000P510 231000P511 2310036N10 2310038N10 2310047R10 2310047R11 2310064J13 2310064J16 2310065E10 231006H010 A5257 A5178
Amp75 A
Length (L.1)143.2 mm
Length (L.2)47.7 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)99.9 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.2)17 mm
Poles12 qty
Slip Ring to SuitASL9028
Thread size & pitch (d.)M17x1.5 mm
Voltage12 V
A2T37291 A2T38892A A2T33191A A2T35791 A2T33493 A2TA4092A MD190812 MD190819 A2T38491 A2T13894 A2T80591 A2TA2492 A2T37391 A2TA6099A 2310038N10 A2T83491A A2TA1191 A2TA3491 A2T28792 A2T33191ZC A2TA1991 2310064J16 MD184280 MD309837 2310047R10 2310047R11 94FB10300AB 2310064J13 7275999 A2TA4091A A880T54970 A2T81791A 231006H010 A5257 A2TA0091 A5261 A2T80491 A2T27594 A2TA2392 A2TB7791 A2T39391 A2T13977Y A2T13977X 3601014 A2T37391A FS05-18-W35A A2T81891 A2TA1099 A2TA3891A A2TA3891B A2T38291 A2TB4391 MD317866 A2TA1994 A2TA5393ZC A2TC0691ZE A2T29594 A2TA6099 A2TA2292 A880T68270 A2T34692B A2T34692A A2T38977 A2TA0791 A2T18792 A880T61870 A2T83291 A2T40091A A2T36578A A2TB5276 A880X68970 A880X76470 3395460 A2T81791 A2T82491A A2T38391 A2T33493A A2T35791A MD317401 A2T40092A A2T34591 A2TB7591 A2T37691 MD194466 A2T33991A A2T83591 A2T80591ZC A2TB0091B A2TB0091A A2T33891 A2T39991 A2T39992 7118750 MD305852 231000P511 231000P510 A2TA1991F A2TA1991D A2TA3991 7276001 7276000 A2T82491 A2T38891 A2T38892 6199412 A2T29394 A880T70270 3465426 A2T13391D A2T13391E A2T34591B A2T34591A A2T27594A MD194482 A2T39291 A2T83491 A2T33191 MD198164 A2T33991 A2TA5991A A2TA3891 MD191402 WRT67150 92AB10300JA 92AB10300JB A2TB8691 A2T29494 A2T36578 MD354797 MD195437 4344538 MD194467 F285-18-W35A A2TA1994C A2TA1994D A2TA0491 A2TA1994B A2TA6099AT A2TB1298 A880T76470 A5178 2310036N10 MD354786 MD361624 MD193323 A2TC0691 A880T63670 A2TC0691AE A2T40092 A2T36392 A2T36391 A2T40091 MD361621 138403 92AB10300DC 92AB10300DD B66S-18-W35 A2TB0191 A2T33891ZC 91AB10300SA A2T37691A MD309845 A2TA1099A A880X77870 A2T14591 A2T39891 A2T37391ZC 2310065E10 A2T14592 A2T38391ZC MD189659 MD189658 A5194 A2TB4577 A2TC0691A A2T80591A A2TA5991 A2TA0291D A2TA0291F A2TB0091 A2TB6191 92AB10300FA A2TB6192 92AB10300FB A2TA0291C A2TA0291B A2TB0191A A2TB0191B A2T32692 A2TB2391 1019077 A2TB1299 A2TA4091 A2T39091 A2TA0291 A2TA2591

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