A5030 - Brand new AS-PL Alternator

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Brand new AS-PL Alternator
Brand new AS-PL Alternator


Producer: AS-PL

Replacement for: Mitsubishi
NZ$ 477.45 including GST
NZ$ 415.17 excluding GST
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11.0663 11.5148 110672 110805 14690R 20137531BN 20137531OE 20137722BN 2035135 2035227 28-2684 3730042012 40147RI 40148RI 40151RI 40663RI 56143 56365 89213517 8EL726378-001 9017 9051512 9213517 A002T40483 A002T40484 A002T43183 A002T43583 A005T15584 A005T15684 A005T15784 A005T15884 A005T16084 A005T16384 A005T20484 A005T21684 A005T21984 A005T21984B A005T22684 A005T23784 A2T40483 A2T40484 A2T43183 A2T43583 A5030 A5T15584 A5T15684 A5T15784 A5T15884 A5T16084 A5T16384 A5T20484 A5T21684 A5T21984 A5T21984B A5T22684 A5T23784 AD150413 AD150421 AEA4189 AEA4199 AEA5201 ALT31007 APR150AA CAL35135AS CAL35135GS CAL35227AS DRA3468 EAA-222177 JA148IR JA663IR LRA00489 LRA00499 LRA00501 MD013740 MD013742 MD013743 MD060793 MD061818 MD067411 MD068565 MD069859 MD070310 MD085774 MD085874 MD086015 MD086016 MD087246 MD304139 SA300 SA331 SA647 SB157
MITSUBISHI Galant 2.3 TD (A167)[4D55T] 07.1983-05.1984 , MITSUBISHI Galant 2.3 TD (A167V) 07.1983-05.1984 , MITSUBISHI L 200 2.3 Diesel (K14T)[4D55] 01.1981-12.1986 , MITSUBISHI L 200 2.5 Diesel (K24T)[4D56] 01.1986-12.1993 , MITSUBISHI L 200 2.5 Diesel (K34T)[4D56] 01.1986-12.1996 , MITSUBISHI L 200 2.5 TD (K34T)[4D56] 01.1986-12.1996 , MITSUBISHI L 300 2.3 Diesel (L038P) 04.1983-10.1986 , MITSUBISHI L 300 2.3 Diesel (l030P)[4D55] 09.1983-10.1986 , MITSUBISHI Pajero 2.3 Diesel (L04_G , MITSUBISHI Pajero 2.3 TD (L043G)[4D55T] 12.1982-04.1986

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