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A0328 - Brand new AS-PL Alternator

Brand new AS-PL Alternator
Brand new AS-PL Alternator
NZ$ 500.77 including GST
NZ$ 435.45 excluding GST
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Item available to backorder, submit your order. Aprox 7-14 day delay - $40 Air freight charge additional
Purchase Qty:
0124225053 0124225054 0986080450 11.1929 195.929.090 20101304BN 2010403 2010404 20327R 20327RW 20356RW 27060-0J061 28-5799 28-5800 301929RI 301942RI 57373 9090849 9496 9497 A0328 A1058D AEK3188 CA1929IR CA1942IR CAL10403 CAL10403AS CAL10403ES CAL10403GS CAL10403OS CAL10403RS CAL10404 CAL10404AS CAL10404ES CAL10404GS CAL10404OS CAL10404RS DRA0621 DRA0622 EAA-222349 G104730-N LRA03187 LRA03188 UD10808A UD10809A
Amp90 A
Diameter (D.1)M8x1.25 mm
Diameter (D.2)10.5 mm
Diameter (D.3)M10x1.25 mm
Grooves6 qty
Length (L.1)170 mm
Measurement (A)48 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)55 mm
Pivot Foot Length (B)27 mm
Pivot Inside Length (C)39 mm
Plug CodePL_4000
Pulley TypeSOLID
Unit TypeBOSCH
Voltage12 V
Make Model Type Year
TOYOTA Yaris 1.3 VVT-i [2SZ-FE] 01.2006-12.2008
195.929.090.280 195.929.090.010 89213553 MQA1942 063731942010 LRA3188 LRA03188 301942RI ALN1929 J5112165 GA225053B-R GA225053-A AG1147 210941 28-5800 57373 EAA-222349 DRA0622 DA1732 9496 CAL10403RS CAL10403AS 114667 0124225053 AEK3188 CGB-85800 AI-90162R PRAL793 ALTL793 UD10809A UD10808A A0328 BOS0124225053 ALT10739 20327R 27060-0J061 ALT124030 2010403.2 2010403.0 20101304RC 20101304BN 195.929.090.780 195.929.090.415

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