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SGD-C9005 - Brand New DENSO Starter To Suit Landrover

Brand New DENSO Starter To Suit Landrover
Brand new DENSO Starter motor
NZ$ 664.13 including GST
NZ$ 577.50 excluding GST
Purchase Qty:
11040884 EuroTec 12326 EAI 254289 Elstock 30431N WAI 4280005950 Denso 4280005951 450528092 PSH 910918 EDR AH2211001AC Rover Group AH2211001AD AH2211001AE DRS0918 Remy DSN976 LR013540 LR043924 LR052752 LRS02616 Lucas STM1338 Rolling Components 708519 Armature G Roy 30431 Autoelectro AEY2616 CASCO CST40372 CST40372GS 4280005953 4280005954 Europe DRI A/S Denmark 314051092 EGI S30431 ERA 220765 Farcom 107392 Land AH2211001AF LR080299 Lester Our Part Number # Power Select Powerite Automotive Raw Road Warrior Sovereign SS965 Wood Auto Supplies DENDSN976 STR70355 DENSOList DENSO SGD-C9005 SAM-C9005
Kilowatt2.0 kW
Length (L.1)240 mm
Mount Hole Center - Center (O.1)146 mm
No./Mount holes2 qty
No./Mount holes with thread2 qty
No./Teeth9 qty
Pinion at Rest (B)26 mm
Pinion/Drive OD35.20 mm
Spigot Diameter (A)70 mm
Unit TypeDENSO
Voltage12 V

Discovery V6 3.0L 2993cc 183cid 2017-2018
Range Rover Sport V6 3.0L 2993cc 183cid 2016-2018
Land Rover - Europe Truck Discovery IV 155kW, 211HP, 2993cc, 3.0 TD 2010
Discovery IV 180kW, 245HP, 2993cc, 3.0 TD 2009
Discovery IV 183kW, 249HP, 2993cc, 3.0 TD 2012
Discovery IV 188kW, 256HP, 2993cc, 3.0 SDV6 2009
Discovery IV 200kW, 272HP, 2993cc, 3.0 TD 2012
Range Rover IV 183kW, 249HP, 2993cc, 3.0 D 2012
Range Rover IV 190kW, 258HP, 2993cc, 3.0 D 2012
Range Rover Sport 155kW, 211HP, 2993cc, 3.0 D 2010-2013
Range Rover Sport 180kW, 245HP, 2993cc, 3.0 D 2009-2013
Range Rover Sport 183kW, 249HP, 2993cc, 3.0 D 2012-2013
Range Rover Sport 188kW, 256HP, 2993cc, 3.0 D 2011-2013
Range Rover Sport 190kW, 258HP, 2993cc, 3.0 D 2013
Range Rover Sport 215kW, 292HP, 2993cc, 3.0 D 2013

428000-5950+ - Brand New Aftermarket option

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