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SBH5033S - Brand new AS-PL Starter motor brush holder

Brand new AS-PL Starter motor brush holder
Brand new AS-PL Starter motor brush holder
NZ$ 37.22 including GST
NZ$ 32.37 excluding GST
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S5196 M0003T57371 M002T60071 M002T66074 M003T56071 M003T56072 M003T56082 M003T56174 M003T56182 M003T56183 M003T56272 M003T56471 M003T57575 M003T58071 M003T58771 M003T66071 M003T66072 M003T66073 M003T66074 M003T66572 M003T67281 M003T67671 M003T67771 M003T90071 M003T90072 M003T95071 M003T95082 M003T95281 M004T50977 M005T50176 M008T60972 M2T60071 M2T66074 M3T56071 M3T56072 M3T56082 M3T56174 M3T56182 M3T56183 M3T56272 M3T56471 M3T57371 M3T57575 M3T58071 M3T58771 M3T66071 M3T66072 M3T66073 M3T66074 M3T66572 M3T67281 M3T67671 M3T67771 M3T90071 M3T90072 M3T95071 M3T95082 M3T95281 M4T50977 M5T50176 M8T60972 ME037636 ME057990 ME077407 E3TZ11002C Ford Starter 12V 2.2kW New E5TF11000AA CW E5TZ11002B E8TF11000AA E8TZ11002A F3TU11000AA SA739A 4813-18-400A Mazda 13T OSGR 4813-18-400C S203-18-400A SE01-18-400 24V 5kW SE01-18-400A SE45-18-400 SLSK18-400 TMSK18-400 V101-18-400C 32A66-00301 Mitsubishi 10T 3kW 32B66-00100 34266-00100 34366-00101 34366-20100 34766-10802 14T 34766-20901 11T M003T56181 M003T56271 M003T57371 12T M003T58471 M003T58571 4.5kW M003T67171 M003T67172 M003T90271 3.5kW M003T90273 M003T93071 M003T95171 5.5kW M003T95172 M005T57575 M3T56172 Enlarge M3T56181 M3T56271 M3T58471 M3T58571 M3T67171 M3T67172 M3T67282 9T M3T67283 3.6kW M3T900271 M3T900273 2.4kW M3T90271 M3T90272 M3T90273 M3T93071 M3T95072 M3T95171 M3T95172 ME007636 ME008815 ME019911 ME037465 ME087506 ME087521 ME087587 ME087676 TM000A06601 Valeo TM000A15001
Brush Holder Width (G.1)8.15 mm
Height (H.1)28.6 mm
Height (H.2)24.4 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)41 mm
Matching Brush set:SB5031
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)77.2 mm
ME037636 M003T56082 M4T50977 M3T56071 M003T67771 SHM3339 M3T95071 M3T56471 M3T56272 M3T56072 M00649T04971 ME077407 M00649T04972 M003T90072 M003T95281 M003T95082 M003T90071 M2T60071 M003T58771 M3T67771 UD50913SBH M003T56174 ME057990 M2T66074 S5196 M003T58071 7.7525.1 ME700047 M3T56183 M3T56182 M8T60972 M0003T57371 M5T50176 M00649T07371 M00371X07371 M003T57575 M003T56183 M003T56182 SHM9339 M002T60071 M3T66572 M003T67671 M3T56174 M3T58071 M649T04972 M004T50977 1014657 M649T04971 M003T66074 M003T66073 M003T66072 M003T66071 M003T67281 M3T57575 81014657 S5051 SHM8339 M003T56072 M003T56471 M003T56272 M3T67671 M003T56071 M3T56082 M003T66572 M3T57371 M3T95281 M3T95082 M3T90071 133339 M005T50176 M3T90072 M3T58771 M003T95071 M008T60972 S5013 M002T66074 M3T66072 M649T07371 M3T66071 M371X07371 M3T66074 M3T67281 ME700939 M3T66073

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