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F00M136226 - Brand New BOSCH Alternator DE Bracket

Brand New BOSCH Alternator DE Bracket
Brand new AS-NZ Alternator rectifier
NZ$ 153.53 including GST
NZ$ 133.50 excluding GST
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No stock in NZ

Bosch F00M136226 Cargo 235023 Iveco 42537056 KRAUF ABB5023 Motorherz ABB023WA Renault 5001850102 0124510001, 0124515044, 0124515113, 0124515120, 0124525064, 0124525119, 0124525125, 0124525216, 0124555005, 0124555010, 0124555061, 0124555110, 113188, ALB1679, ALB1679WA, ALB1699, ALB1699WA, ALB1854AN, ALB1854DD, ALB1854UX, ALB1854WA, ALB1913, ALB1913AN, ALB1913WA

0124510001 Bosch, Alternator, 12V, 120A
0124515044 Bosch, Alternator, 12V, 120A
0124515113 0124515113 Bosch, Alternator, 12V, 120A, New
0124515120 0124515120 Bosch, Alternator, 12V, 120A, New
0124525064 Bosch, Alternator, 12V, 140A
0124525119 Bosch, Alternator
0124525125 Bosch, Alternator
0124525216 Bosch, Alternator, 12V, 140A
0124555005 0124555005 Bosch, Alternator, 24V, 70A, New
0124555010 Bosch, Alternator, 24V, 70A
0124555061 Bosch, Alternator, 24V, 70A, New
0124555110 Bosch, Alternator
4892318 Cummins, Alternator, 24V, 70A
MAN2003 MAN2003 Magneti Marelli, Alternator, 24V, 70A, New
77-00-377-091 Renault, Alternator, 12V, 120A

Description: Housing, DE
OEM(s): Bosch
Composition: Aluminum
Unit Type: Alternators
Thru Bolts: (4) M5-0.8 Threaded
Stator OD: 5.433in / 138mm
Mtg Ear 1 Hole: 10.5mm Unthreaded
Mtg Ear 2 Hole: 11mm Unthreaded
Mtg Ear 1 Thickness: 0.531in / 13.5mm
Mtg Ear 2 Thickness: 0.531in / 13.5mm
Bearing: F00M990410 Required
Application: Bosch Alternator Applications

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