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AT0007 - Brand new AS-PL Alternator freewheel pulley combi tool

Brand new AS-PL Alternator freewheel pulley combi tool
Brand new AS-PL Alternator freewheel pulley combi tool
NZ$ 24.15 including GST
NZ$ 21.00 excluding GST
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HEX Tool to Suit Clutch Pulleys. Suits all pulleys we stock Apart from AP3003 and AP3004
Tool TypeClutch Pulley Tool
Unit TypeBOSCH
AFP6094S UD45956AFP AFP6022(LITENS) UD20893AFP AFP6082S AFP5022S UD21206AFP AFP6063(KOYO) UD21424AFP UD101362AFP UD101513AFP UD101333AFP AFP6035(LITENS) UD101536AFP AFP6147S AFP6003(LITENS) AFP6044(LITENS) UD101516AFP AFP5019 AFP5021S AFP5010 UD101342AFP AFP6067 AFP5011 AFP6068 AFP6019(KOYO) UD101533AFP UD101336AFP UD101462AFP UD101445AFP AFP6146S AFP5003 UD101380AFP UD810441(LITENS)AFP UD101378AFP UD45704AFP UD21195AFP UD48638AFP AFP6017(LITENS) AFP6065(KOYO) AFP6047 AFP6048 AFP6014(LITENS) UD101545AFP AFP2004 UD101344AFP AFP5018(LITENS) AFP6044 UD45166AFP UD101432AFP UD101415AFP AFP5035S UD101531AFP UD101338AFP AFP6066(KOYO) UD101369AFP UD101372AFP UD101468AFP AFP6037 UD101328AFP UD101343AFP AFP6034 UD49163AFP UD101400AFP UD101532AFP UD101498AFP UD46493AFP UD101543AFP AFP6026 AFP6027 AFP6028 UD101486AFP AFP6029 UD101398AFP AFP6044(KOYO) AFP6064(KOYO) UD101346AFP UD101417AFP AFP6046(LITENS) UD45831AFP UD101490AFP UD101526AFP AFP6020 AFP6021 UD21207AFP AFP6022 AFP6023 UD101472AFP UD50507AFP AFP6081(KOYO) UD101357AFP UD20209AFP UD48708AFP UD19936AFP AFP6014 AFP6015 AFP6017 AFP6008(LITENS) AFP6080S AFP6019 UD101515AFP UD101416AFP UD45052AFP UD101439AFP UD101450AFP AFP6012 UD810424(LITENS)AFP UD101339AFP AFP6049(LITENS) UD101473AFP AFP6018(KOYO) UD101387AFP UD101467AFP UD101538AFP UD101331AFP UD101425AFP AFP6003 AFP1002(V) UD101411AFP AFP6051S AFP6069(KOYO) AFP6005 UD45202AFP UD101348AFP UD101396AFP UD101478AFP AFP6062(KOYO) UD21205AFP UD101323AFP AFP5045(LITENS) UD101359AFP UD101334AFP UD101535AFP UD101464AFP UD47034AFP

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