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AT0006 - Brand new AS-PL Alternator freewheel pulley combi tool

Brand new AS-PL Alternator freewheel pulley combi tool
Brand new AS-PL Alternator freewheel pulley combi tool
NZ$ 24.15 including GST
NZ$ 21.00 excluding GST
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Spline Tool to Suit Clutch Pulleys.

Suits all Splined Clutch pulleys we stock, Apart from AFP0062(LITENS) and AFP0096(LITENS)

Tool TypeClutch Pulley Tool
Unit TypeBOSCH
AFP2001(INA) AFP0024(INA) AFP3012(INA) AFP0069(INA) AFP0120S AFP6054S UD101482AFP AFP6053S UD101356AFP AFP5005(INA) AFP0098(INA) AFP0070(INA) AFP3045(INA) AFP60579(INA) AFP0017(V) UD101391AFP AFP0066(LUK) AFP0121S AFP2007S AFP0041(BOSCH) AFP3038(LITENS) AFP6089S UD43056AFP UD101435AFP AFP6059 AFP0006(V) UD101483AFP UD45146AFP AFP5029(INA) UD101355AFP UD101322AFP AFP6004(INA) AFP1002(INA) AFP5001(INA) AFP6056S AFP2006S AFP5030(INA) AFP9014(V) AFP3019(V) AFP6040 AFP3028(INA) AFP6042 AFP6045 AFP09021(INA) AFP4002(V) AFP5017(INA) UD21037(INA)AFP AFP3004(INA) AFP6054(INA) UD810428(LITENS)AFP AFP4003(V) UD101469AFP AFP3033(V) AFP0033(INA) AFP3009(V) AFP3049(INA) F00M599448 AFP3010(V) UD101446AFP AFP6009(V) AFP6097S AFP9024(INA) AFP5013(INA) AFP0087(LITENS) AFP0028(INA) UD101377AFP AFP9012 AFP9010 AFP0003(INA) AFP5008(INA) AFP6025(INA) UD101506AFP AFP3048(INA) AFP0027(BOSCH) AFP0101S AFP0051(V) AFP0038(V) UD101332AFP AFP9009 AFP9006 AFP9007 AFP5037(INA) AFP9013(V) AFP0004(INA) AFP9004 UD101470AFP AFP3024(INA) UD42874AFP AFP0016(V) UD101530AFP AFP5038(INA) AFP0073(V) AFP0122S AFP5031(INA) AFP0050(V) AFP0039(V) AFP0005(V) AFP3033(INA) UD101354AFP UD810446(LITENS)AFP UD101541AFP AFP6024(INA) AFP1006(INA) AFP0048(INA) UD101447AFP UD101365AFP UD101529AFP UD101393AFP UD101481AFP UD101542AFP AFP9039(LITENS) AFP3073S AFP0014 AFP0012 UD101347AFP AFP0099(INA) AFP0013 AFP0010 AFP0011 UD101324AFP AFP6001(INA) AFP0019 AFP0014(V) AFP6061(INA) AFP0016 AFP0008(INA) AFP0017 AFP0091(LITENS) AFP0037(V) UD101404AFP AFP5004(INA) AFP1005(INA) AFP0104S AFP6058(INA) AFP0011(INA) AFP2001(V) AFP5009(V) AFP0003(V) AFP0003 AFP0004 AFP0001 AFP3023(V) UD20903AFP AFP0002 AFP0049(V) AFP0006(INA) UD21203AFP UD101388AFP UD101497AFP AFP0009 UD21038(INA)AFP AFP0007 AFP0008 AFP0005 AFP0006 AFP3050S UD101370AFP AFP9019(INA) AFP0105S UD810423(LITENS)AFP AFP6046S2 AFP0021(INA) AFP0049(INA) AFP0048(V) UD21204AFP AFP6013(V) AFP3022(V) AFP1001(INA) AFP6032(V) AFP5036S AFP0044(INA) UD101496AFP AFP9029(INA) AFP3032(INA) AFP0066(INA) UD101440AFP AFP1001(V) AFP0101(LITENS) AFP6013(INA) AFP0056(INA) AFP9007(INA) UD101520AFP AFP5023S AFP1009S UD101474AFP AFP5014(INA) AFP0015(V) AFP9020(INA) AFP0018(INA) AFP3011(V) AFP5039(INA) AFP0050 AFP0051 AFP5026(INA) AFP0058 AFP3020(INA) AFP3024(V) AFP0059 AFP3001(V) AFP0001(INA) AFP5042S AFP0057 AFP0054 AFP0046(INA) AFP0055 AFP0052 AFP0053 AFP9009(V) AFP0016(INA) AFP9009(INA) AFP6001(V) AFP0071(V) AFP3035(INA) UD101461AFP AFP0040 AFP3059(LITENS) AFP6041(INA) AFP0047 AFP5024(INA) AFP0048 AFP0045 AFP0046 AFP0044 AFP0041 AFP3002(INA) AFP0042 AFP0097(LITENS) AFP5041S AFP0049 AFP0013(V) AFP3070S UD101449AFP AFP0059(V) AFP6057S AFP0092(LITENS) UD101544AFP AFP0104(INA) AFP0002(V) UD101521AFP AFP1004 AFP0036 AFP1005 AFP0037 AFP6056(INA) AFP1003 AFP3007(INA) AFP5032S AFP1001 AFP0033 AFP0030 AFP0031 AFP4001(V) UD101390AFP AFP6011(INA) AFP1008 AFP1006 AFP0038 AFP0039 UD101368AFP AFP2005(INA) AFP3071S AFP0036(INA) AFP6018(INA) UD21044(INA)AFP AFP9022(INA) AFP0058(V) UD101484AFP AFP0025 AFP3015(LUK) AFP0026 AFP0023 AFP5031S AFP0024 AFP5043S AFP0021 AFP0022 AFP0020 AFP9010(V) AFP0029 AFP3017(INA) AFP0027 AFP0028 AFP0036(V) AFP3060S UD101405AFP AFP1003(INA) AFP3072S UD810427(LITENS)AFP AFP3030(INA) AFP3057S AFP5020(INA) AFP6005(V) AFP1004(INA) AFP0095 AFP3069S AFP0092 AFP0038(INA) AFP0090 AFP3007 AFP0023(V) AFP3005 AFP3004 AFP3003 AFP0046(V) AFP3002 AFP3001 UD810440(LITENS)AFP AFP3009 UD21043(INA)AFP AFP3008 UD101385AFP UD101442AFP UD101465AFP AFP3014(V) UD101350AFP AFP0089(LITENS) AFP0055(INA) AFP0010(INA) AFP3029(LITENS) AFP3046S AFP0084 AFP3058S UD46465AFP UD101522AFP AFP0080 UD101373AFP UD48669AFP AFP0009(INA) AFP0089 AFP0054(LITENS) UD101476AFP AFP0087 AFP0022(INA) AFP5032(INA) AFP0034(V) AFP2003(INA) AFP5001(V) AFP5008S AFP0072 AFP0073 AFP0070 AFP6009(INA) AFP0071 AFP0078 AFP0079 UD101361AFP AFP0088(INA) AFP0076 AFP3003(V) AFP0077 AFP0074 AFP0043(INA) AFP0075 AFP0005(INA) UD101534AFP UD101511AFP AFP0061 AFP0062 AFP5013(V) AFP0001(V) UD52341AFP AFP0069 AFP3044(LITENS) AFP2003 AFP0065 AFP0072(INA) AFP3047(INA) AFP2002 AFP6031(LITENS) AFP0066 AFP0063 AFP0064 AFP0106(INA) AFP0113(LITENS) AFP9023(INA) AFP3009(INA) UD101499AFP AFP5036(INA) AFP0031(INA) UD101500AFP AFP3022(INA) AFP6004(V) AFP0020(BOSCH) AFP3043 AFP3041 UD101523AFP AFP6015(V) AFP0123(LITENS) UD101475AFP AFP0078(LITENS) AFP2007(INA) AFP3034(INA) UD49034AFP AFP6006(INA) UD101452AFP AFP4001(INA) AFP5012(INA) AFP0056(V) AFP0102(INA) AFP3051(INA) AFP0014(INA) AFP3031 AFP6052(INA) AFP3030 AFP0081(INA) AFP9010(INA) AFP5027(INA) AFP3039 UD101360AFP AFP4005 AFP3037 AFP3005(INA) AFP0045(V) AFP4004 AFP4003 AFP3035 AFP4002 AFP4001 AFP9006(V) AFP3027(V) AFP0076(INA) UD21036(INA)AFP AFP3021 AFP3020 UD101326AFP UD101487AFP AFP5014(V) AFP3029 AFP3028 AFP3027 AFP3026 AFP0051(INA) AFP3025 AFP3023 AFP0058(INA) AFP6105S AFP0075(LITENS) AFP9006(INA) AFP3010 AFP3044S AFP0011(V) AFP3018 AFP3017 AFP3016 AFP2002(INA) AFP9015(INA) AFP3015 AFP6045(LITENS) AFP3014 UD21039(INA)AFP AFP3012 AFP3011 AFP6043(INA) AFP3004(V) AFP3052(INA) UD810437(LITENS)AFP AFP0022(V) AFP0029(INA) AFP3019 AFP3037(LITENS) AFP0042(INA) UD50134AFP AFP6104S AFP5028(INA) UD101376AFP AFP5026 AFP0107(INA) AFP0008(V) AFP0040(INA) UD101479AFP AFP9023S AFP3005(V) AFP3028(V) UD19937AFP AFP0110(INA) AFP0055(V) AFP5015 AFP5016 AFP5002(INA) UD101329AFP AFP5017 AFP5018 AFP0025(INA) AFP3008(INA) AFP3061(INA) AFP6093S AFP6030(INA) AFP5012 AFP0068(INA) AFP0020(V) AFP5004 AFP5005 AFP5007 AFP5008 AFP5009 UD101525AFP AFP9007(ZEN) AFP5001 UD101364AFP UD101341AFP UD101421AFP AFP0021(V) UD101394AFP AFP5004(V) AFP6042(INA) AFP6007(V) UD101480AFP UD21210AFP UD46902AFP AFP4005(INA) AFP6019(INA) AFP0050(INA) AFP0032(V) UD101514AFP AFP0041(LITENS) AFP0009(V) UD101432AFP UD101457AFP UD43272AFP AFP6032(INA) UD46480AFP AFP0098S AFP0015(INA) UD19938AFP UD101409AFP UD101330AFP AFP9011(INA) AFP6038 UD813370(LITENS)AFP AFP6070(INA) AFP6039 AFP6090S UD810438(LITENS)AFP AFP6038(V) AFP6030 AFP6031 AFP6032 AFP6033 AFP3018(INA) AFP6034 AFP6035 AFP3049S AFP6007(INA) AFP0042(V) AFP0101S2 AFP6055(INA) AFP6006(V) AFP6025 UD101352AFP AFP0030(V) AFP00199V) AFP9013(INA) UD21041(INA)AFP AFP0065(V) UD101455AFP AFP6085(INA) UD101363AFP AFP4003(INA) AFP5005(V) AFP6027(V) AFP0076(V) AFP0031(V) AFP0035(INA) UD101351AFP UD101374AFP UD19940AFP AFP3039S AFP6011 AFP6013 AFP0083(INA) AFP0105(INA) UD19939AFP AFP3046(INA) AFP3001(INA) AFP6004 AFP0053(V) AFP6006 AFP6007 AFP6091S AFP6009 AFP0045(INA) UD101549AFP AFP3075(LITENS) AFP6027(INA) AFP6001 AFP6002 AFP50159(INA) UD21208AFP AFP3008(LITENS) AFP5025(INA) AFP0020(INA) AFP3011(INA) UD21035(INA)AFP AFP6002(INA)

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