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ARE2036 - Brand new AS-PL Alternator regulator

Brand new AS-PL Alternator regulator
Brand new AS-PL Alternator regulator
NZ$ 72.41 including GST
NZ$ 62.97 excluding GST
Purchase Qty:
LR1100705B LR1100705C LR160728 LR160728B LR160728C LR160732 LR160732B LR160732C LR170749B LR170749C LR170749E LR170756 LR180733 LR180743 LR180743B LR180746 LR180746B LR180748 LR180748B LR190718 LR190728 LR190728B LR190730 LR190730B LR190735 231003C000 12991077211 A2035 LR180742C LR185701 LR185701H LR185702 LR190724 OK01218300 OK24118300 234273 CARGO CQ1010516 CQ L1100G6340 HITACHI L160G2315 L180G2341 L180G3340 L180G33401 L180G53401 L190G3340 232157F700 NISSAN 1124035RS RS VRG47095 WOODAUTO YANMAR L180G63004 Hitachi Housing SRE Alternators L180G73081 Regulator Electronic 12V L180G83004 L180G83081 L190G23082 Alternator 80A 90A 2310070T03 Nissan L1100G23081 L1100G33001 L170G13006 L170G13081 L190G23005 100A 70A 231007F700 231007F705 L160G23002 L160G2319 L170G23005 L170G2319 60A 231006T000 231007T400 L180G3308 L190G8308 LR1100705 231000W800 2310065N00 231006T001 231007T402 12991077210 Yanmar L1100G-6340 L160G-2315 L180G-2341 L180G-3340 L180G-33401 L180G-53401 L190G-3340 23215-7F700 1124-035RS LR180-746B LR180-748B LR190-728B 23100-70T03 LR1100-705C LR170-756 LR190-735 23100-7F700 23100-7F705 LR160-728 LR170-749B 23100-6T000 23100-7T400 LR1100-705 LR160-728B LR160-732 LR170-749C LR180-743 LR190-730 23100-0W800 23100-65N00 23100-6T001 23100-7T402 129910-77210
Circuit TypeA
Plug CodePL_2004
Voltage12 V
ARH5273 23215-65F00 L1100G-6340 OK01218300 12991077211 VR-H2000-27 IH765 LR180743 LR160732 LR180746 RTR8073 LR180748 234311 LR180748B IH768 234273 ARH4451 231003C000 OK24118300 23124-4M800 L180G-2341 L185G-4340 L190G-3340 LR185702 LR185701 LR180733 LR190730B LR190735 VRG47095 215403 LR190730 L180G-33401 LR180742C L160G-2315 62-25-16107 LR170756 A2035 LR170749C LR170749B 1.6177.1 LR190728 LR170749E LR190724 LR180746B 23815-AA050 L180G-53401 LR190728B 235144 VRG46894 LR1100705B LR1100705C 35-8128 L185G-2340 VRG46930 LR160728B 23124-AU400 LR160728C LR185701H 23124-AU401 L180G-3340 LR190718 LR160732C LR160732B 81114716 23815-AA100 LR160728 LR180743B 23124-AU40A

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