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ARE2035 - Brand new AS-PL Alternator regulator

Brand new AS-PL Alternator regulator
Brand new AS-PL Alternator regulator
NZ$ 53.18 including GST
NZ$ 46.24 excluding GST
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75-023 LR235402 LR235403E LR235403S LR235403T LR235404C LR235404S LR235404T LR235405 LR235405S LR235405T 2310003T06 2310010T09 2310011T18 23100C8604 A2013 234701 CARGO 500836 CIVIC/DA PARTS CQ1010433 CQ L2259315 HITACHI 23215C6800 NISSAN 23528C8601 75013 PAN PACIFIC 1124034RS RS YR6809 UNIPOINT VRG47101 WOODAUTO L225-9315 23215-C6800 23528-C8601 75-013 1124-034RS YR-6809 L235-13005 Hitachi Housing SRE Alternators L235-23003 L235-83003 L235G3300 LR235-402 Alternator 24V 35A LR235-403E LR235-403S LR235-403T LR235-404C LR235-404S LR235-404T LR235-405 LR235-405S LR235-405T 23100-03T02 Nissan 23100-03T04 23100-03T06 23100-10T05 23100-10T07 23100-10T09 23100-11T08 23100-11T15 23100-11T18 TR2Z37 TR2Z49 Isuzu 8-94156-595-0 Regitar VRH2000-3A L225-13003 L225-1315 Regulator Electronic L225-13151 L225-23003 L225-33004 L225-33004A L225-3315 L225-43005A L225-53151 L225-63004 L225-63005 L225-6315 L225-73002 L225-73005 L225-83003 L225-83011 L225-8315 L225-93002 L225-93003 L225-93004 L225G3300 L225G5300 L225G6300 L235-23002 L235-23005 L235-43003A L235-83004 L235-93005 L235G1300 L240-53003 L240G33001 L260-43001 L260-63001 L260-73001 L260-83001 L260-93001 L260G5300 L270G1300 L270G3300 L270G5300 LR225-403 25A LR225-407 LR225-408 LR225-408B LR225-408C LR225-408E LR225-409B LR225-409E LR225-410 LR225-412C LR225-412S LR225-412T LR225-413E LR225-413S LR225-413T LR225-414 LR225-414S LR225-414T LR225-415B LR225-418B LR225-418C LR225-65 LR225-65B LR225-65C LR225-65E LR225-65P LR225-67 LR225-67B LR225-67P LR225-68B LR225-80 LR225-80B LR235-401 40A LR235-406 LR235-58 LR235-70 LR235-70B LR235-75C LR235-75E LR235-78 LR235-78B LR235-78C LR240-34 LR240-35 LR240-401 LR240-402 LR240-403B LR240-403C LR240-404B LR240-404C LR240-405 LR240-42 LR240-42B LR240-44 LR260-18 60A LR260-18B LR260-18C LR260-18E LR260-18F LR260-20B LR260-20C 8941004502 8941222673 8943367280 8943425240 8943897721 8944046520 8944559730 8944723300 8944731480 8970110201 8970131711 8970131712 8970131722 8970292260 8970775240 8970775340 23099C6802 23099C6804 23099C6805 23099C6808 23099C8600 23099R8105 23099R8111 23099R8702 23099S9000 23099T9004 23100-03T01 23100-03T03 23100-03T05 23100-04D11 23100-04D12 23100-04D13 23100-04N01 23100-0A000 23100-10T04 23100-10T06 23100-10T08 23100-11T07 23100-11T14 23100-11T17 23100-17D00 23100-17D01 23100-17D60 23100-17D61 23100-19D00 23100-19D60 23100-34T01 23100-34T02 23100-34T03 23100-34T04 23100-34T05 23100-41T00 23100-41T02 23100-42T00 23100-42T01 23100-42T02 23100-42T03 23100-62T01 23100-62T02 23100-63T60 23100-63T70 23100C8602 23100S9001 L23513005 L23523003 L23583003 2310003T02 2310003T04 2310010T05 2310010T07 2310011T08 2310011T15 8941565950 VRH20003A L22513003 L2251315 L22513151 L22523003 L22533004 L22533004A L2253315 L22543005A L22553151 L22563004 L22563005 L2256315 L22573002 L22573005 L22583003 L22583011 L2258315 L22593002 L22593003 L22593004 L23523002 L23523005 L23543003A L23583004 L23593005 L24053003 L26043001 L26063001 L26073001 L26083001 L26093001 LR225403 LR225407 LR225408 LR225408B LR225408C LR225408E LR225409B LR225409E LR225410 LR225412C LR225412S LR225412T LR225413E LR225413S LR225413T LR225414 LR225414S LR225414T LR225415B LR225418B LR225418C LR22565 LR22565B LR22565C LR22565E LR22565P LR22567 LR22567B LR22567P LR22568B LR22580 LR22580B LR235401 LR235406 LR23558 LR23570 LR23570B LR23575C LR23575E LR23578 LR23578B LR23578C LR24034 LR24035 LR240401 LR240402 LR240403B LR240403C LR240404B LR240404C LR240405 LR24042 LR24042B LR24044 LR26018 LR26018B LR26018C LR26018E LR26018F LR26020B LR26020C 2310003T01 2310003T03 2310003T05 2310004D11 2310004D12 2310004D13 2310004N01 231000A000 2310010T04 2310010T06 2310010T08 2310011T07 2310011T14 2310011T17 2310017D00 2310017D01 2310017D60 2310017D61 2310019D00 2310019D60 2310034T01 2310034T02 2310034T03 2310034T04 2310034T05 2310041T00 2310041T02 2310042T00 2310042T01 2310042T02 2310042T03 2310062T01 2310062T02 2310063T60 2310063T70
Voltage24 V
2310003T06 CQ1010433 215389 23100C8604 A2013 LR235403E LR235404T LR235404S VRG47101 LR235404C L225-9315 23215-C6800 23528-C8601 500836 YR-6809 LR235403T LR235403S LR235405 75-013 LR235402 LR235405T 2310011T18 LR235405S 234701 2310010T09

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