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ARC5186 - Brand new AS-PL Alternator rectifier

Brand new AS-PL Alternator rectifier
Brand new AS-PL Alternator rectifier
NZ$ 131.53 including GST
NZ$ 114.38 excluding GST
Purchase Qty:
AB180128 UD12852ARC AS-PL 132466 CARGO A860T13170 MITSUBISHI A860T16970 A860T22570 A860T22670 MD607917 MD611256 MD611688 RM-07HV MOBILETRON A2T00991 A2T02271 A2T02471 A2T03471 A2T03477 A2T03691 A2T03792 A2T03972 A2T41791 A2T41991 A2T42777 A2T43791 A2T43891 A2T43892 A2T48691 A2T48791 A2T49891 MD073067 MD074644 MD082419 MD091793 MD091794 MD099624 MD099625 MD102085 MD102088 MD108230 MD108305 MD108509 MD109166 MD109741 MD110318 MD111151 MD111607 AS ARC5053 Cargo Ghibaudi PRP673 KRAUF AEM7542AD AEM7542UT Lucas 21513132 Magneti Marelli 940038259 Mitsubishi Mobiletron RM07 RM07HV SJ JM7542 Transpo IMR7542 Unipoint REC570 UTM EM7542A A002T00991 A002T02671 A002T48691 A1T41991 A2T02572 A2T02577 A2T02671 A2T02771 A2T02871 A2T02977 A2T03171 A2T03591 A2T04191 A2T04271 A2T04277 A2T06871 A2T06991 A2T09691 A2T42671 A2T43691 A2T44071 A2T44077 A2T48791ZC A5326 A5T06291 AD165202 AD165320 ALA1366 ALA1366UX ALA1366WA ALM0159UX ALM0666UX ALM0667 ALM0670BS AR155BA BM51267AR MD074744 MD086784 MD091790 MD091791 MD104644 MD106712 MD108022 MD108023 MD108229 MD108872 MD111160 MD111231 MD111232 MD112208 MD115687 MD116427 MD125096 MD166174 TA000A47001 Arrowhead AMT1232 A860T24570 Regitar MFRX02541 A002T02971 Alternator 12V 50A A002T03471 A002T03591 A002T03691 60A A002T28291 A002T41791 65A A002T41991 A002T42671 A002T42677 A002T42777 A002T43791 A002T48791 A2T02971 Remanufactured A2T27693 75A A2T28291 A2T42677 Enlarge A641T46870 Housing SRE Alternators A641T47270 A641T57170 A641T65070 A641T67570 MD086785 MD108021 MD111286 MD150421
B+ Stud Diameter & Thread Pitch (B+d)M8x1.25 mm
B+ Thread Length (B+H)25 mm
Diode Amp Rating50 A
Diodes (Main)6 qty
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)109 mm
Reg/Rec ComboNo
With Attached BracketNo
RM-132 216026 234653 37367-22600 TA600C13301 IYR9028 AB180128 UD12853ARC

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