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SF3001 - Brand new AS-PL Starter motor yoke with magnets

Brand new AS-PL Starter motor yoke with magnets
Brand new AS-PL Starter motor yoke with magnets
NZ$ 33.08 including GST
NZ$ 28.76 excluding GST
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S3003 S3004 S3016 81AB11000AA 31200P1JE010 31200P1JE03 31200PDAE020 31200PGAE30M5 3610023050 3610023150 MD308088 626002 D6RA10 D6RA100 D6RA101 D6RA104 D6RA105 D6RA107 D6RA108 D6RA109 D6RA110 D6RA114 D6RA115 D6RA12 D6RA13 D6RA132 D6RA133 D6RA137 D6RA138 D6RA141 D6RA15 D6RA16 D6RA161 D6RA162 D6RA163 D6RA165 D6RA167 D6RA168 D6RA18 D6RA181 D6RA185 D6RA20 D6RA22 D6RA23 D6RA249 D6RA25 D6RA26 D6RA28 D6RA293 D6RA30 D6RA32 D6RA33 D6RA37 D6RA38 D6RA39 D6RA40 D6RA41 D6RA42 D6RA44 D6RA45 D6RA46 D6RA47 D6RA48 D6RA49 D6RA5 D6RA51 D6RA511 D6RA52 D6RA53 D6RA56 D6RA57 D6RA571 D6RA572 D6RA59 D6RA6 D6RA61 D6RA62 D6RA63 D6RA64 D6RA65 D6RA66 D6RA661 D6RA67 D6RA68 D6RA7 D6RA70 D6RA72 D6RA721 D6RA73 D6RA74 D6RA76 D6RA77 D6RA78 D6RA79 D6RA8 D6RA80 D6RA81 D6RA82 D6RA83 D6RA84 D6RA85 D6RA87 D6RA91 D6RA92 D6RA93 D6RAD183 D6RADP359 D6RAP404 5002701 8111635 8111693 8111701 S3120 S3010 S3087 S3101 S3005 S3009 UD21185S S3052 S3064 S3013 S3053 S3060 S3085 S3155S S3063
Brush gear:w/o
Height (H.1)117 mm
Height (H.2)90.5 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)60 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)64 mm
TypeMagnet Housing
Unit TypeVALEO
Voltage12 V
D6RA165 D6RA163 D6RA162 S3060 D6RA161 S3063 626002 S3064 D6RA22 D6RA23 D6RA25 D6RA26 S3174S D6RA28 S3228S CSF15027AS D6RA30 D6RA721 S3101 SD6RA79 D6RA168 D6RA167 D6RA18 S3050 S3054S S3052 S3053 D6RA10 D6RA12 D6RA13 S3187S D6RA15 D6RA16 UD21185S 5002701 D6RA20 8111701 D6RA141 S3085 S3120 S3087 S3086 D6RA44 D6RA45 D6RA46 D6RA47 D6RA48 D6RA49 SSF15027 S3009 D6RA51 D6RA52 D6RA53 S3003 8111635 S3005 S3004 D6RA661 D6RA132 WSF2888 S3073 D6RA32 D6RA33 S3189S D6RA37 D6RA38 D6RA39 31200PGAE30M5 D6RA40 D6RA41 D6RA42 D6RA138 D6RA137 31200PDAE020 D6RA133 D6RA65 D6RA66 D6RA67 MD308088 D6RA68 31200P1JE010 D6RAP404 D6RA70 1012611 8111693 D6RA72 D6RA73 D6RA74 D6RA249 S3006S 137399 CQ2140006 D6RA110 S3155S S3010 D6RA56 3610023150 D6RA57 D6RA59 D6RADP359 D6RA61 D6RA62 D6RA63 D6RA64 S3011 D6RA115 D6RA511 S3013 S3016 D6RA114 D6RA185 D6RA181 D6RA87 D6RAD183 31200P1JE03 D6RA91 D6RA92 D6RA93 D6RA109 D6RA108 D6RA107 S3045 D6RA105 D6RA104 D6RA101 D6RA100 D6RA572 D6RA571 D6RA293 S3030 D6RA76 D6RA77 3610023050 D6RA78 594534 D6RA79 594535 D6RA5 S3197S D6RA6 D6RA7 D6RA8 D6RA80 D6RA81 D6RA82 D6RA83 D6RA84 D6RA85 81AB11000AA

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