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452-48012 - Brand New AS-NZ Battery Stud

Brand New AS-NZ Battery Stud
Brand new AS-NZ Alternator output stud
NZ$ 13.40 including GST
NZ$ 11.65 excluding GST
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zj1018300C ZJ1018300A zj1018300B A2TG1381A AMT1613 BPD318W80 A450X23471 92033022 4793189 4793190 AJ5718300B B59518300 B6BF18300 B6BF18300D BPD318300 BPE818300 BPE818300A BPE918300 BPE918300A FF4918300 J50318300 J50318300A LF1F18300 LF5018300 LF5018300A N3H118300 N3H118300A N3H118300B N3R118300 Z50518300 Z50518300A Z50518300E Z60118300 ZJ0118300 ZJ1018300A ZJ1018300B ZJ3818300 ZJ4018300 A002T39291 A002T39391 A002T39391A A002T5891A A002T80391 A002T80391A A002T83491 A002T83491A A002TA0791 A002TA3991 A002TA5891 A002TA5891A A002TC0091 A002TG1381 A002TG1391 A003TA0291 A003TA0291A A003TB5191 A003TB6371 A003TB6377 A003TG1291 A003TG1291A A003TG1291B A003TG1391 A003TG1391A A003TG1691 A003TG2881 A003TG2881A A003TG4791 A003TG5691 A003TJ0291A A2T39291 A2T39391 A2T39391A A2T80391 A2T80391A A2T80891 A2T81192 A2T81192ZC A2T83491 A2T83491A A2TA0791 A2TA3991 A2TA5891 A2TA5891A A2TC0091 A2TG1381 A2TG1391 A3T03891 A3TA0291 A3TA0291A A3TB5191 A3TB6371 A3TB6377 A3TG1291 A3TG1291A A3TG1291B A3TG1391 A3TG1391A A3TG1691 A3TG2881 A3TG2881A A3TG4791 A3TG5691 A3TJ0291 A3TJ0291A A642X21970 A642X22470 A642X23870 A642X25670 A642X35270 A642X44170 A642X44470 A642XA1870 A642XA1970 A642XD0370 A642XD2470 A642XD3570 A642XD4470 A642XD6170 A642XD6870 A642XF1470 A642XF1870 A642XF2470 A642XF6470 23100GU60A 23100GY010 TA000A32601A TA000A36701 0195705541160180 A002TA1191 A002TB2891 A002TB2991 A002TB6291 A002TN1299 A002TN1299ZT A003TN0899 A2TA1191 A2TB2891 A2TB2991 A2TB6291 A2TN1299 A2TN1299ZT A3TN0899 MD332546 MD334176 MD334546

Description: Stud, Output Extension
OEM(s): Mitsubishi
Measurement: Metric
Length: 0.472in / 12mm
Stud Size: M8-1.25
Solder: No
Application: Mitsubishi Alternators

TypeBattery Stud

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