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142-30001 - Brand New AS-NZ Generator Brushes

Brand New AS-NZ Generator Brushes
Brand new AS-NZ Generator Brush
NZ$ 9.20 including GST
NZ$ 8.00 excluding GST
Purchase Qty:
227305 227541 229252 USB103 USB104 C5NF10000E C7NN10000A C7NN10000C C7NN10000D 22700 22700L 22700M 22700N 22700O 22700P 22700Q 22700R 22703 22703K 22703L 22703M 22704 22704L 22704M 22704N 22704O 22704P 22704Q 22705 22705F 22705G 22705H 22705I 22705J 22705K 22705L 22713 22713J 22713K 22713L 22715 22715E 22715F 22715G 22715H 22715I 22715J 22715K 22716 22716J 22716K 22716L 22716M 22716N 22718 22718H 22718I 22718J 22719 22719H 22719I 22719J 22732 22732E 22732F 22732G 22732H 22732I 22732J 22733 22733E 22733F 22733G 22733H 22733I 22733J 22735 22735H 22735I 22735J 22742 22742E 22742F 22742G 22742H 22742I 22742J 22742K 22744 22744F 22744G 22744H 22744I 22744J 22747 22747A 22747B 22748 22748A 22748B 22749 22749F 22749G 22749H 22755 22755A 22755B 22755C 22755D 22755E 22755F 22755G 22755H 22757 22757A 22757B 22757C 22757D 22757E 22757F 22757G 22757H 22771 22771A 22771B 22771C 22771D 22772 22772B 22772C 22772D 22775 22775A 22775B 22775C 22775D 22775E 22779 22779D 22779E 22779F 22780 22780A 22780B 22780C 22780D 22785 22785A 22785B 22785C 22785D 22786 22786A 22787 22787A 22788 22788A 22789 22789A 22790 22790A 22791 22791A 142-30001

For C40T Generators

Height (H.1)23 mm
Length (L.1)63 mm
Thickness (T.1)5.5 mm
Voltage6/12 V
Width (W.1)17 mm

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