SBH2002 - Brand new AS-PL Starter motor brush holder

Brand new AS-PL Starter motor brush holder
Brand new AS-PL Starter motor brush holder
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S114-902B SBH2002 = KSX70103 Hitachi Starter Motor S114-570 12v STARTER MOTOR BRUSH PLATE 1 UNIT S114-570A S114-570B S114-570C S114-800 23300-OM300 1.2kw S114-800A 23300-0M301 S114-800B 23300-OM302 S114-801 23300-31U00 CCW 1.4kw S114-801A 23300-31U01 S114-801B 23300-31U03 S114-801C 23300-31U04 S114-801D S114-804 S114-804A S114-805 S114-805A 23300-2J206 S114-806 CW S114-806A 23300-2J261 S114-827 S114-844 23300-8H300 23300EN20B S114-860 S114860 S114-860N S2001 S114750 S114751 S114753 S114758 S114762 S114762A S114762B S114765 S114766 S114766A S114767 S114804A S114806 S114806A S114808 S114808A S114808B S114829 S114829A S114829B S114844 S114850 S114850A S114850B S114850C S114869 S114901 S114902 S114902A S114903 S114903A S114905 S114906 S114907 S114922 S114925 S114943 11139334 11139401 S2004 S2037 S114943A S114808E S114844A S114901A S114901B S114907A S114925A S114925B S114925C S114947 S114947A S114948 AZE2150 AZE2169 S114535 S2017 S2053 S2062 S114883 S2027 S114815 S2002 S114414 S2016 S114800 137121 333647 ERA 232012 Ghibaudi PAPA811 211423106 211453105 211463104 211473105 Ika 771401 Isuzu 8970441320 KRAUF SHH7121BA SHH7121KS SHH7121MG SHH7121RD SHH7121XK Magneti Marelli 943210671010 Nissan 233780M300 233781E400 233781E401 233781P100 2337897E02 23378AM60A 23378EN20A 23378EN20B 23378EN20C 23378EV10A RT 2114-73105 11912577010 12960877010 233000M300 233002J206 2330080F00 233008H300 233008U30A 23300EN200 23300EV10B 23300JN00A 4280000670 4280000680 4280001760 8971333690 S114753A S114753B S114753C S114754 S114754A S114769 S114769A S114775 S114780 S114800A S114800B S114801A S114801B S114801C S114801D S114802A S114804 S114805 S114805A S114810 S114815A S114817 S114817A S114818A S114821 S114821A S114824 S114827 S114829C S114829D S114832 S114837 S114839 S114840 S114841 S114847 S114862 S114862A S114865 S114870 S114871 S114871A S114874 S114875 S114876 S114877 S114877A S114877B S114877C S114877D S114878 S114878A S114879 S114880 S114880A S114881 S114881A S114884 S114887 S114-902 S114-906 S114926 S114928A S114932B S114936 S114938 S114940 S114-814 12V 11T PMGR 1.2kW Enlarge S114-815 S114-816 8T 119233-77010 Yanmar 129052-77010 129698-77010 83388-09 Harley Davidson Reverse Actuator S114-568 PMDD 0.8kW S114-568A S114-650 S114-650A S114-651 S114-651A New 0.9kW S114-655A S114-665 S114-666 S114-753A S114-753B S114-753C S114-754 S114-755 13T 1.4kW S114-756 1.7kW S114-766 S114-767A S114-769 S114-769A S114-875 10T S114-880 S114-881 23300-53Y00 23300-53Y01 23300-73Y00 23300-73Y01 23300-97E00 23300-97E01 23300M8201 23300M8202 25570-50200 Subaru TM000A24601 Valeo 114361-77011 114362-77011 119631-77011 160891-77020 S114-751 23300-1P100 S114-132 9T DD 1kW S114-136 9821006170 9821006350 s114844 s114-844 s114881 0001108401 Bosch S114-802A S114-815A S114-817 S114-817A S114-818A S114-821 S114-821A S114-822 S114-822A S114-822B S114-833B 23300-0M300 23300-0M302 23300-2J200 23300-2J201 23300-2J205 23300-31U02 23300-5J201 23300-80F00 s114-927 s114927A
Brush Holder Width (G.1)5 mm
Height (H.1)17.9 mm
Height (H.2)14.3 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)33 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)33 mm
Length (L.1)74.4 mm
Matching Brush set:SB2009
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)64 mm
S114947A 2114-63104 S114907A PAPA811 UD42484SBH S2014 S2017 S2016 37-25-1326 S114801A 11139401 CBH20100 S114844 S2002 S2001 S2004 137121 SHH7121 S114925B CQ2050022 S114804A S114925A SBH2002 S114844A S114901B S114901A S114925C S2035 S2037 S2036 S114851 S2039 S114850 23378-0M300 S114762A 333647 S114905 S114907 S114906 S114901 S114762B S114903 S114869 S114902 1010866 S2023 S2027 S114903A S114806A AZE2169 S2051 S2053 S114850A 11139334 S114943A S114758 S114850C S114850B 2114-73105 232012 S114753 S2076S S114750 S114871 S114751 S114902A UD00346SBH S114829B S114829A SBH20100 AZE2150 69-8118-1 S114806 S114926 S114808 S114922 S114925 2114-53105 2114-53104 S114765 S114767 S114800 S114766 S114762 S114883 69-8117 S114808E 6940-1412 69-8118 S114808B S114808A 7.7140.1 S114815 UD00309SBH 2114-23106 S114535 S114414 S2062 S114766A 23378-1E400 S114948 S114829 S114947 S114943

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