AFP5014(INA) - Brand new INA Alternator freewheel pulley

Brand new INA Alternator freewheel pulley
Brand new INA Alternator freewheel pulley
NZ$ 108.48 including GST
NZ$ 94.33 excluding GST
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Cargo 333065 Ghibaudi P0188 Ika 354541 Ina 535014610 F557045 F-557045 KRAUF APM3065DD APM3065PN Nissan 23151EL010 23151JD20A PROCH BC6860081 EN 59942 SKF VKM06203 SNR GA76803 UTM PM3065A Valeo 588081 Zen 5582 A2TG0881 A2TG1581 A2TJ0281 A2TJ0581 A2TJ2781A ALM3281 ALM3281WA ALM4581 75-193 UD13333AFP 3.5454.1 F-557045.01 5350146000 A252C55075 A252C550FE A252C550ME 23151-EL010 23151-JD20A 1086-021RS(V) A002TJ0281 A002TJ0281ZC A003TB1081 A003TB1081A A003TB1081B A2TJ0281ZC A3TB1081 A3TB1081A A3TB1081B A002TJ0281ZE A2TJ0281ZE A2TJ1381 23100JD200 23100-1KM1A A002tj1381 1019305 a005TE0481ZE A5TE0481ZE 6020017103

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Grooves6 qty
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)17 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)17 mm
Length (L.1)40 mm
Length (L.2)14 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)50 mm
Thread size & pitch (d.)M17x1.5 mm
A2TJ1681 5582 A002TJ1981 A002TG0881 A252C55075 A002TJ1381 A002TJ1381ZEDM A002TG0881ZT A2TJ0581ZC A002TJ0581ZT  A002TG1581ACKD A2TJ0581ZE A002TG0881ZJEP A2TJ0581ZDEY 231006754R A2TJ0281ZXKD A002TG0881ZC A2TG0881ZX A2TJ0581ZT A002TJ1381ZDEY A2TG1581AC A2TJ0581 F-557045 A2TG1581ACKD 231009412R A002TJ0281 A002TJ0581ZDEY 23151-EL010 A2TG1581ZC A2TJ2181ZT A252C550FE A002TJ0581ZZ1 ZN5582 A002TG0881ZCKD A003TB1081 UD13333AFP A2TG0881 A002TJ0281ZXKD A3TB1081 A252C550ME A002TJ0581ZT LR1140801 A2TJ1381 A2TJ1381ZDEY A2TJ1981 A002TJ0581ZE A002TJ1681 A2TJ0281AE A003TB1081B A003TB1081A A002TJ0581ZC A002TJ1381AE A002TJ2181ZT A3TB1081A A3TB1081B A2TJ0281ZE A2TJ1381ZEDM A2TJ0281ZC A2TG0881ZCKD F-557045.01 5350146000 A2TJ0281 A2TG0881ZT A002TJ0581 A2TJ0581ZZ1 A002TJ0281AE A002TG1581ZC A2TG0881ZC A002TG0881ZX A002TJ0281ZC 23151-JD20A A2TG0881ZJEP A002TG1581AC 3.5454.1 A2TJ1381AE A002TJ0281ZE

If you are looking for a pulley to replace the LITENS 1019305 used on A5TE0481ZE, this pulley will fit, However you will need to remove the original spacer behind the pulley. The spacer amount is built into the replacement pulley.

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