AFP5010 - Brand new AS-PL Alternator freewheel pulley

Brand new AS-PL Alternator freewheel pulley
Brand new AS-PL Alternator freewheel pulley
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F27-035 A3TG2681 A002TG1081ZTKD A002TX1781A A2TX1781A A002TX1781 A2TX1781 A002TJ1081 A2TX1781AE A2TG1081ZTKD A002TG1081ZTDM A2TG1081ZTDM A002TG1081ZT A2TG1081ZT A003TG2681BE A2TJ1081 A003TG2681ZE A003TG2681AEDM A003TJ0781ZE A3TJ0781ZE A003TJ0781BE A3TJ0781BE A003TJ0781AE A3TJ0781AE A3TJ0781 A3TG2681ZE A002TX1781AE A3TG2681BE A3TG2681AEDM A003TG2681AE A3TG2681AE  A003TJ0781 23100EB31B A003TG2681 A2TG1081 ALM1946BS ALM1946PH ALM4244 ALM4244WA ALM8946WA ALM9081 ALM9081UX ALM9946BS Cargo 330341 335010 Ghibaudi P0166 Ika 354111 370121 Ina 535017710 F-525386.01 F552386.01 F-552386.01 F55238601 KRAUF APM0341 APM0341PN APM8341PN APM9341 Mitsubishi A252C564FE A252C64FE Nissan 23150EB800 23151EB301 23151EB30A PROCH BC6860139 RU 56831 SKF VKM06201 SNR GA76804 Valeo 588069 WPS 2483291&#160 A3TG5381 ALH3702DD ALH3702WA A2TG0281 A5TA7981A ALM0074BS ALM7981&#160 332995 354271 APM4271 APM4271PN A628X95371 23150VW211 23150VW21A UTM PM4271A 70629534 53470629 CCP90238AS CCP90238GS CQ1041173 3.5411.1 5350177000 23151-EB301 23151-EB30A 82-199 1116908 1086-008RS 86-74-17 24-83287 24-83291 5522 23100eb71a

Grooves7 qty
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)17 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)17 mm
Length (L.1)37.4 mm
Length (L.2)5.2 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)64 mm
Thread size & pitch (d.)M17x1.5 mm
A002TG1081ZTDM F-552386.01 A3TJ0781 A003TG2681BE A002TX1781 A3TG2681AEDM A3TG2681ZE A2TG1081ZT A3TJ0781BE A3TG2681AE A2TX1781A A003TG2681AEDM A5055 A2TX1781AE 53-1058 A2TG1081ZTDM A003TJ0781BE A2TX1781ZE A003TJ0781 82-199 A2TX1781 A003TG2681AE A2TX1781ZZ1 A3TG2681 A002TX1781A A2TG1081ZTKD 5350177000 A003TG2681ZE A3TJ0781AE A002TG1081ZT A003TJ0781ZE A3TG2681BE A002TG1081ZTKD A003TJ0781AE A3TJ0781ZE A002TJ1081 A002TX1781ZE A2TJ1081 A002TX1781ZZ1 A002TX1781AE 60-1058

AFP5010  and AFP5008 are similar in dimensions and applications.

The difference between the two is the distance from the V of the last rib 

to the very back of the shaft where it butts up to the DE bearing

The AFP5010 is 5.20mm **

the AFP5008 is 9.50mm **

**Both of these are hard to measure accuratley due to a parallax error (A change in the apparent position of an object relative to more distant 

objects, caused by a change in the observer'sline of sight toward the object.)

Some applications have a small spacer between the pulley and DE bearing,

this spacer can be disregarded when the longer pulley is used.

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