AFP5002(INA) - Brand new INA Alternator freewheel pulley

Brand new INA Alternator freewheel pulley
Brand new INA Alternator freewheel pulley
NZ$ 99.28 including GST
NZ$ 86.33 excluding GST
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W055-105 zj1018300C ZJ1018300A zj1018300B Cargo 235424 235649 Ghibaudi P0095 P0135 Ika 353321 354181 Ina 5350094000 535009410 535014510 535024610 F238163 F238163.01 F23816301 f23816302 F23816303 F23816304 F552562 KRAUF APM4424 APM5424DD APM5424PN APM6424DD APM6424PN Mazda LF1818330 LF1818330A LF1818W11A LW1818W11 Mitsubishi 1800A061 1800A065 1800A120 1800A313 A628X92171 PROCH BC6860052 RU 57076 57340 SKF VKM06503 SNR GA77300 Subaru 23750AA070 UTM PM5424A Valeo 588058 588087 Zen 5406 A1TG0281 A2TG2181 A2TJ0881 A2TX0281 A2TX0881 A2TX0881A A2TX0891 A2TX3581ZC A3TG0081A A3TG3181 A3TG6781 A3TJ0381 A3TJ2581 A3TL0081 A4TJ0181 A6641540102 ALM0081 ALM2013UX ALM2013WA ALM2881 ALM3481 ALM3587 ALM3678PH ALM3810 ALM4081 ALM4181 ALM7818BS ALM8281 ALV4650BA #160 OAP011 CCP90288AS CCP90288GS 53-1049 3.5332.1 F-238163 F-238163.01 F-238163.02 F-238163.03 F-238163.04 F-238163.2 F-577572 5350246000 LF18-18-330 LW18-18-W11 82-169 1112126 1086-002RS 24-83275 24-83275-1 24-83281 EC4336 206-48001 206-48009 206-48014 206-48015 206-48023 AMT5021 AMT5021F F238163.02 F238163.1 F238163.2 LW18-18W11 LF18-18-300 LF2L18-300 LFY8-18-300 ZJ10-18-300A ZJ10-18-300B ZJ40-18-300 A002TG1381 A003TG0081 A003TG0081A A003TG2881 A003TG2881A A003TJ1081 A2TG1381 A3TG0081 A3TG2881 A3TG2881A A3TJ1081 A2TG1381A
Grooves6 qty
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)17 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)17 mm
Length (L.1)37.5 mm
Length (L.2)8.2 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)55 mm
Thread size & pitch (d.)M17x1.5 mm
A3TJ0181ZC 219089 57340 23750-AA070 ZN5511 A003TJ3181 A3TJ2581 P0095 A2TX1981ZTDM 1800A121 F-552562.01 A002TX3181 A3TG0081 588058 619-31122 A002TJ0881 A3TG6781ZC A3TG2881 A3TG0081A 57076 A002TX3581ZC 519-40511 A002TJ0481 A5242 24-83281 APM6424 A003TG6781ZCKD 1115198 A2TX0281 A002TX1981ZTDM 5350094000 LW18-18-W11 LF1818300 F-552562 SCP90288 A3TG3181 051.000.085 UD13324AFP A002TJ0481ZC 219028 A2TX1981ZE A2TG2381 EC4336 A2TX1981AM A628X92171 535024610 A3TJ0182 A2TX1981ZM ZN5612 APM5424 A3TJ3181 A2TX1981ZT A003TG0081 1800A388 335281 A002TX0281 A004TJ0181ZC A003TG2881 130504 28601 A2TJ0881 A003TL0081 AMA0078 A4TJ0181 A003TG3181 A3TG7081 A002TG2381 A2TX1981AE LF18-18-W11A APM4424 INA535024610 A002TX3181A A003TJ0381 22-27-5036 1800A288 5612 A2TX0891 A2TX1981 A3TG6781 24-83275-1 535014510 5350246000 A004TJ0182ZC A001TG0281 A3TL0081 CCP90288 81115198 A003TJ1081 A004TJ0182 A004TJ0181 Z66818300 A003TG0081A 1800A155 INA535017110 1800A313 588087 A003TG7081 A2TX0881 LF18-18-330A LF18-18-330 2443-8060 A002TX0891 A002TX1981 A2TG2181 A2TX3181 535009410 EC47610 RA-504 A3TJ0381 A2TX3581ZC A003TG6781ZC 1800A061 A003TG6781 A003TJ2581 5511 130-05-504 555139RI Z66818300A A002TX1981AE 235424 F-238163 A4TJ0181ZC F-577572 24-83275 A002TX1981ZE A3TG6781ZCKD ZN5406 F-238163.04 A2TX3181A A002TX1981AM A2TX0881A F-238163.02 F-238163.03 A002TX0881 A3RG3181 F-238163.01 A002TX1981ZM 940113010078 A3TJ1081 A1TG0281 59999 A002TX0881A A002TX1981ZT 1800A053 1800A452 24-83281-3 3.5418.1 A002TG2181 24-83281-7 5406 1800A459 EC4032

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