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AFP2001 - Brand new AS-PL Alternator freewheel pulley

Brand new AS-PL Alternator freewheel pulley
Brand new AS-PL Alternator freewheel pulley
NZ$ 118.43 including GST
NZ$ 102.98 excluding GST
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Item available to backorder, submit your order. Aprox 7-14 day delay - $40 Air freight charge additional
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LR1100734 LR1110713 LR1110713B LR1110713V LR1110724 LR1100734B LR190773B F000BL06Y7 F000BL06Y8 LR1110724C LR1110726 LR1100734C LR1110724B LR1110726E  ALD0577RN ALH1712 LR1110717 LR1140802 Cargo 233989 333604 Ghibaudi P0059 Hitachi GD216009 GD2160092 GD2160093 GD2160099 GD216009A L1100G25001 L1100G7500 L1110G25001 L1110G7500 LR1110G7500 Ika 335831 Ina 535004410 f-232288.02 F-232288.03 F-232288.1 F23228801 F23228802 F23228803 F2322881 KRAUF APH3980 APH3989 APH9980 APH9989PN Magneti Marelli AMA0066 Nissan 231516N200 231516N20A 231516N20B PROCH BC6860029 RU 56833 SKF VKM06200 SNR GA76800 UTM PH3989A Valeo 588092 Zen 5500 1111161 535004400 5350044000 1084-001RS 2.05.0500.0 206-44000 206-44002 206-44001 23151-6N200 23151-6N20A 24-81107 53-1026 F232288-03 F232288.01 F232288.02 F232288.1 F232288.2 60-1026 75-165 7904-4013 AHI5003 CCP90136AS CCP90136GS CQ1040436 EC35849 F-232288.01 F-232288.02 F-232288.2 GD216009-2 GD216099 L1100G-7500 L1110G-25001 L1110G-7500 OP-H002 lr1110713c

Grooves6 qty
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)17 mm
Length (L.1)40.5 mm
Length (L.2)13 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)52 mm
Thread size & pitch (d.)M16x1.5 mm
5350044000 23151-6N200 F-232288.1 2.05.0500.0 F-232288.2 GD216099 LR1110726E 233989 LR190773B 1111161 130-01-100 LR1100734B LR1100734C 75-165 LR1110713V 24-81107 GD216009 LR1100734 CCP90136AS F000BL2237 ZN5500 53-1026 LR1110713B F00M991948 5500 CQ1040436 3.3583.0 L1100G-7500 LR1110724 LR1110726 535004400 23058631OE RA-100 F000BL06Y7 F000BL06Y8 LR1110724C LR1110724B 23058631BN 60-1026 LR1110713 SCP90136 535004410 130100 L1110G-7500 F-232288.01 F000BL9489 219078 333604 CCP90136GS F-232288.02 F-232288.03 23151-6N20A 23151-6N20B EC35849 GD216009-2 L1110G-25001

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