A3346S - Brand new AS-PL Alternator

Brand new AS-PL Alternator
Brand new AS-PL Alternator
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UD13571A ASPL AEC1868 AUTOELECTRO 12317515033 BMW 12317515426 7515033 7515426 114080 CARGO CAL15263 CASCO 4243 CEVAM 12599 DELCO DRA0208 A9491 DIXIE EAA252041 EAA EAA254466 57160 EAI 285579 ELSTOCK 210729 ERA CA2052IR HC PARTS 11050 LESTER LRA02965 LUCAS 89215426 POWERMAX 455.518.120 PSH 2542669 VALEO List 2542669A 437426 439469 SG12S073 11050N WAI / TRANSPO 11050R 90225522 WILSON ALT14195 WOODAUTO VALSG12S073 Valeo Wilson References: Arrowhead AVA0027 Bosch AL9411X Lester Lucas PIC Picture ID 208639A Remy Light Duty J N 40040086 J& 2542852 542669 455518120 9090662F ALT0060sa KTR911036240 OAN12760 anv053GQ 2015263 28-5579 301868RI 553063RI 90-22-5522 A-9491 CAL15263AS CAL15263ES CAL15263GS CAL15263OS CAL15263RS EAA-252041 EAA-254466 2542669a 7515426AI02
Amp120 A
Diameter (D.1)10.5 mm
Diameter (D.2)10.5 mm
Diameter (D.3)10.5 mm
E.182.5 mm
E.2101 mm
Grooves6 qty
Length (L.1)170 mm
Measurement (A)20 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)47 mm
Pivot Inside Length (C)44 mm
Plug CodePL_2300
Pulley TypeSOLID
Unit TypeVALEO
Voltage12 V
MINI Cooper 1.6 [W10B16A] 07.2004-
MINI One 1.6 [W10B16A] 07.2004-
11050 11050N 11050R 114080 12317515033 12317515426 12599 2015263 210729 2542669 2542669A 28-5579 301868RI 4243 437426 439469 455.518.120 553063RI 57160 89215426 90-22-5522 A-9491 AEC1868 ALT14195 ALT172630 ALTE987 ALTS368 CA2052IR CAL15263 CAL15263AS CAL15263ES CAL15263GS CAL15263OS CAL15263RS DRA0208 EAA-252041 EAA-254466 LRA02965 LRA2965 SG12S073 UD13571A VALSG12S073

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