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230-44027 - Brand new AS-NZ Alternator regulator

Brand new AS-NZ Alternator regulator
Brand new AS-NZ Alternator regulator
NZ$ 40.48 including GST
NZ$ 35.20 excluding GST
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Hitachi TR2Z47
Isuzu 5-81251-016-0 WAI#: 35-8124
OEM#: 119129-77820, 23500-99008, 5-81251-016-0, TR2Z-47
LESTER#: 12114, 12321, 12324, 12325
Nissan 23500-99008
Regitar VRH2000-2B
Yanmar 119129-77820

L135-53151 Hitachi, Regulator, Electronic, 24V
L215-53002 Hitachi, Housing, SRE, Alternators
L215G2300 Hitachi, Housing, SRE, Alternators
L220-13002 Hitachi, Housing, SRE, Alternators
L220-1315 Hitachi, Regulator, Electronic, 24V
L220-63001 Hitachi, Housing, SRE, Alternators
L225-23151 Hitachi, Regulator, Electronic, 24V
L225-33005 Hitachi, Housing, SRE, Alternators
L225-33151 Hitachi, Regulator, Electronic, 24V
L225-43151 Hitachi, Regulator, Electronic, 24V
L225-53005 Hitachi, Housing, SRE, Alternators
L225-5315 Hitachi, Regulator, Electronic, 24V
L225-63151 Hitachi, Regulator, Electronic, 24V
L225-83005 Hitachi, Housing, SRE, Alternators
L225G1300 Hitachi, Housing, SRE, Alternators
L225G4300 Hitachi, Housing, SRE, Alternators
L235-13006 Hitachi, Housing, SRE, Alternators
L235-13151 Hitachi, Regulator, Electronic, 24V
L235-33003 Hitachi, Housing, Rear, Alternators
L235-33005 Hitachi, Housing, Rear, Alternators
L235-43002 Hitachi, Housing, Rear, Alternators
L235-43004 Hitachi, Housing, Rear, Alternators
L235-53002 Hitachi, Housing, SRE, Alternators
L235-5318 Hitachi, Regulator, Electronic, 24V
L235-83005 Hitachi, Housing, Rear, Alternators
L235-8318 Hitachi, Regulator, Electronic, 24V
L235-93002 Hitachi, Housing, SRE, Alternators
L240-13002 Hitachi, Housing, Rear, Alternators
L240-13004 Hitachi, Housing, Rear, Alternators
L240-33002 Hitachi, Housing, SRE, Alternators
L240-3315 Hitachi, Regulator, Electronic, 24V
L240-4315 Hitachi, Regulator, Electronic, 24V
L240-5315 Hitachi, Regulator, Electronic, 24V
L240-63002 Hitachi, Housing, Rear, Alternators
L240-83001 Hitachi, Housing, SRE, Alternators
L240-93002 Hitachi, Housing, Rear, Alternators
L240G4300 Hitachi, Housing, SRE, Alternators
L240G43001 Hitachi, Housing, SRE, Alternators
L240G9300 Hitachi, Housing, SRE, Alternators
LR215-48 Hitachi, Alternator, New
LR215-50 Hitachi, Alternator, New
LR215-53 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 15A
Enlarge LR220-23 LR220-23 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 20A, New
Enlarge LR220-24 LR220-24 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 20A, Remanufactured
Enlarge LR220-26 LR220-26 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 20A, New
Enlarge LR220-27 LR220-27 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 20A, New
LR220-27B Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 20A
LR225-84 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 25A
Enlarge LR225-84T LR225-84T Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 25A, New
LR225-85 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 25A
LR225-86 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 25A
LR225-86B Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 25A
LR225-89 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 25A
LR225-90 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 25A
LR225-91 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 25A
LR235-60B Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 35A
LR235-60C Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 35A
LR235-61B Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 35A
LR235-61C Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 35A
LR235-62 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 35A
LR235-65P Hitachi, Alternator
LR235-65S Hitachi, Alternator
LR235-68 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 35A
LR235-69 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 40A
LR235-72 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 35A
LR235-72B Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 35A
LR235-76 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 35A
LR235-80 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 35A
LR240-19B Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 40A
LR240-19C Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 40A
LR240-20B Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 40A
LR240-20C Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 40A
LR240-21 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 40A
LR240-22 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 40A
LR240-22B Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 40A
LR240-22E Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 40A
LR240-25 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 40A
LR240-26 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 40A
LR240-29 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 35A
LR240-29B Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 40A
LR240-31B Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 40A
LR240-31E Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 40A
Enlarge LR240-31F LR240-31F Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 40A, New
LR240-32 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 40A
Enlarge LR240-38 LR240-38 Hitachi, Alternator, New
LR240-38B Hitachi, Alternator, New
LR240-39 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 40A
LR240-40 Hitachi, Alternator, 24V, 40A
1812002482 Isuzu, Alternator, 24V, 40A
1812002483 Isuzu, Alternator, 24V, 40A
1812003931 Isuzu, Alternator, 24V, 40A
1812004010 Isuzu, Alternator, 24V, 40A
5812003300 Isuzu, Alternator, 24V, 20A
5812003350 Isuzu, Alternator, 24V, 20A
8943388470 Isuzu, Alternator, 24V, 20A
8943388471 Isuzu, Alternator, 24V, 20A
8944264470 Isuzu, Alternator, 24V, 20A
8944296740 Isuzu, Alternator, 24V, 15A
8944315600 Isuzu, Alternator, 24V, 15A
8970232631 Isuzu, Alternator, 24V, 40A
8971800040 Isuzu, Alternator, 24V, 15A
23099Z5560 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 35A
23099Z5561 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 40A
23099Z5562 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 35A
23099Z5563 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 40A
23100-15H02 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 35A
23100-51H00 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 25A
23100-54H00 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 25A
23100-90075 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 40A
23100-95014 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 40A
23100-96173 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 40A
23100-96175 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 35A
23100-96279 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 35A
23100-96500 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 35A
23100-96502 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 35A
23100-96515 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 35A
23100-96516 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 40A
23100-97113 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 40A
23100-97116 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 35A
23100-97170 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 40A
23100-97171 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 35A
23100K6700 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 25A
23100K6701 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 25A
23100Z5518 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 40A
23100Z5519 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 40A
23100Z5605 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 35A
23100Z5606 Nissan, Alternator, 24V, 40A
119129-77201 Yanmar, Alternator, 24V, 25A
123658-77200 Yanmar, Alternator, 24V, 25A
127605-77200 Yanmar, Alternator, 24V, 40A
129535-77200 Yanmar, Alternator, 24V, 25A
135026 Ghibaudi RTR8003 Hitachi TR2Z47 Isuzu 5812510160 Magneti Marelli AMP0883 MBC VRH20002B Mobiletron VRH20002B Nissan 2350099008 SJ WH707 Transpo IH707 Unipoint YR683B, YR684B UTM RH5707A Yanmar 11912977820 Используется для агрегатов1812003931, 2310051H00, 5812003350, 8943388471, 8944264470, ALH2202LK, ALH3417LP, ALH3796SK, ALH3796UX, ALH4038, ALH4414, ALM8011, LR21555, LR22023, LR22024, LR22026, LR22027, LR22027B, LR22583, LR22584, LR22584T, LR23560B, LR23569, LR23572, LR23576, LR24020B, LR24020C, LR24026, LR24029, LR24029B, LR24031E, LR24032, LR24038B, LR240602
Hitachi TR2Z-47, Isuzu 5-81251-016-0, Nissan, Infiniti 23500-99008, Yanmar 119129-77820
Unit Nos:
Hitachi GD206512-C, LR215-50, LR220-23, LR220-24, LR220-24N, LR220-24R, LR225-84T, LR225-84TR, LR235-65P, LR235-65S, LR235-69; Isuzu 5812003300, 5812003350, 8944315600; Nissan, Infiniti 23100-51H00, 23100-Z5560

Description: Regulator Repair Circuit
Brand: Regitar
OEM(s): Hitachi
Voltage: 24
Set Point: 28.3
Terminal ID: R-R-L-F-E
Polarity: Negative
Includes Brush Holder?: No
Activation: Ignition
Adjustable?: No
Circuit Type: A-Circuit
Includes Rectifier?: No
Includes Tolerance Ring?: No
  • 50mm Center to Center Mounting Holes
Application: Hitachi Alternators
Voltage24 V

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