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AS5012 - Brand new AS-PL Alternator stator

Brand new AS-PL Alternator stator
Brand new AS-PL Alternator stator
NZ$ 155.54 including GST
NZ$ 135.25 excluding GST
Purchase Qty:
A2T1199AT A3T15099 A3TN0299 A3TN0399 A3TN0499 A3TN0999 A3TN1199 MD306834 MD313940 MD313942 MD315432 237730 CARGO A383T44470 A383X50970 S/3085 ORME 1176-010RS RS 136612 KRAUF AFM6612 A383T32670 A383T33070 A383T38970 A383T46770 A383X46770 MD611562 MD618739 ME701351 Nissan 231020Y710 Orme S/3034 S/3064 Valeo TA100B10601 WAI 27-7870-1W 231000Y710 86AB10300ABA 86AB10300ACA 89AB10300GA A003T00599 A003T05499 A003T15099 A003TN0299 A003TN0499 A3T00599 A3T04999 A3T05499 A3T06099 A3T08183 A3T08699 A3T09199 A3T09698 A3T09699 A3T11278 A3T41876 A3TA0592 A3TA0592E A3TA0991 A3TA1591 A3TA2799 A3TA2799A A3TB1891 A3TB2891 A3TB5491 A3TG2391 A3TG2991 A3TG3391ZT A5T31772 A5T31773 A5T31774 AF175207 AF175362 AF175363 AF175385 ALA1711 ALA1711WA ALA1716 ALM0086BS ALM0086PH ALM0086UX ALM0878 ALM0878GB ALM0878WA ALM0973 ALM0983DD ALM0983UX ALM0983WA ALM1130DD ALM1130UX ALM1130WA ALM1271YX ALM1375BS ALM1375DD ALM1375PH ALM1375UX ALM1375WA ALM1376DD ALM1376WA ALM2081 ALM2386 ALM3991YJ ALM4180GB ALM5492BS ALM8407 ALM9376BS M0T65585 MD111233 MD111932 MD135825 MD141119 MD147246 MD160671 MD192134 MD317514 MD332547 ME200696 ME200698 ME201838 ME202971 TA000A57401 AAG1310 A003T04999 A003T06099 A003T08183 A003T08699 A003T09698 A003T09699 A003T11278 A003T41876 A003T41892 A003TA0592 A003TA0592C A003TA0592D A003TA0991A A003TA2799 A003TB1299 A003TN0399 A3T41892 A3TA0592C A3TA0592D A3TA0991A A3TB1299 NISSAN 23100-0Y710 OE A003T11278A A005T31772 A005T31773 A005T31774 A3T11278A PEUGEOT 9617002980 0195705541059552 61202001 A003T03778 A003TA0592E A003TA0991 A003TA1491 A003TA1591 A003TA2799A A003TN0999 A3T03778 A3T04582 A3T05676 A3T08083 A3T09698A A3T11791 A3T11891 A3T11891A A3TA1491 A4T04582 HAB175241 HAB175241N MD168690 MD193320 MD194471 MD313941 MD317515 FS1E18-300C Mazda Alternator 12V 100A GY01-18-300E GY01-18-300F N3A1-18-300A N3A1-18-300B A003T08591 Mitsubishi A003T08591A A003T11991 90A A003T14491 A003T14891 A003TA1191 A003TA1191A A003TA2391 A003TA2391A A003TA2578 A003TA2578A A003TA4481 A003TA4481A A003TA4791 A003TA5391 A003TA5392 A003TA5491 A003TA5492 A003TA5891 A003TA6098 A003TA6098A A003TA6581 110A A003TA6581A A003TA7591 A003TB0291 A003TB0391 A003TB0991 A003TB1081 A003TB1081A A003TB1891 A003TB2891 A003TB3691 A003TN0078 105A A003TN1281 A003TN1281A A003TN1678 A003TN2481A A3T08591 A3T08591A A3T11991 A3T14491 A3T14891 A3TA1191 A3TA1191A A3TA2391 A3TA2391A A3TA2578 A3TA2578A A3TA4481 A3TA4481A A3TA4791 A3TA5391 A3TA5392 A3TA5491 A3TA5492 A3TA5891 A3TA6098 A3TA6098A A3TA6581 A3TA6581A A3TA7591 A3TB0291 A3TB0391 A3TB0991 A3TB1081 A3TB1081A Remanufactured A3TB3691 A3TN0078 A3TN1281 A3TN1281A A3TN1678 A3TN2481A MD194470 MD303481 MD307885 MD309844 MD317119 MD318460 MD321845 MD336781 MD338990 MD340511 MD340512 MD343416 MD344496 MD344965 MD347161 MD350609 MD354804 MD354814 MD358421 MD360394 MD360635 MD365217 MD370480 ME202591 ME202754 MN143977 MN143978 23700AA322 Subaru 23700AA401 23700AA460
Amp110 A
Height (H.1)60.5 mm
Height (H.2)20.3 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)106.3 mm
Lam. Stack Height (H.3)28 mm
No./Leads4 qty
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)136 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.2)133.2 mm
Outside Diameter of Windings (O.D.3)126 mm
Voltage12 V
237730 A3TN2481 A3T15099 S/3085 A003TN1199 A2T1199AT MD315432 A002T1199AT A003TN2481 A3TN1199 A003TN2481AT A5155 A003T15099 A383X50970 A003TN2481A A3TN2481A A3TN2481AT MD313940 A003TN0399 A003TN0299 MD313942 A3TN0399 A3TN0299 MD306834 A3TN0499 A383T44470 A3TN0999 A003TN0499 A003TN0999

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