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ARC2011 - Brand new AS-PL Alternator rectifier

Brand new AS-PL Alternator rectifier
Brand new AS-PL Alternator rectifier
NZ$ 42.62 including GST
NZ$ 37.06 excluding GST
No stock in NZ
Item available to backorder, submit your order. Aprox 7-14 day delay - $40 Air freight charge additional
Purchase Qty:
LR140130P LR140402 LR140408 LR140415 LR140415B LR140427 LR140433 LR140433B LR150139P LR150190 LR150343B LR150401 LR150401C LR150402 LR150402C LR150403 LR150421 LR150421C LR150423 LR150423B LR150425B LR150428E LR150428S LR150428T LR150430C LR150430S LR150430T LR150431 LR150432 LR150434 LR150434B LR150435 LR150435S LR150435T LR150438 LR150438B LR150439 LR150439B LR150441 LR150441C LR150441E LR150442 LR150443S LR150443T LR150444B LR150446 LR150448 LR150449 LR150449B LR150449C LR150452 LR15516B LR15516P LR155408 LR155415 LR155416 LR155418B LR155419B LR160401 LR160401C LR160402C LR160408 LR160414 LR160417 LR160418B LR160419 LR160421C LR160421E LR160421F LR160422B LR160426E LR160426S LR160426T LR160427 LR160427C LR160427S LR160427T LR160428 LR160432B LR160433B LR160433E LR160434B LR160435B LR160435E LR160436 LR160436S LR160436T LR160437S LR160437T LR160441F LR160443 LR160444 LR160444B LR160446 LR160446B LR160446C LR160446E LR160447 LR160447B LR160447C LR160447E LR160448 LR160448B LR160448C LR160448E LR16078B LR16096C LR170402E LR170402F LR170404 LR170404B LR170404C LR170405 LR170407 LR170407E LR170407S LR170407T LR170408C LR170408S LR170408T LR170411B LR170411C LR170411D LR170411E LR170411F LR170411P LR170412 LR170412S LR170412T LR170413 LR170414 LR170414B LR170414C LR170414E LR170415 LR170415B LR170415C LR170418B LR170419 LR170419B LR170420 LR170421 LR170421B LR170422 LR170424B LR180737B LR225402 LR225403 LR225407 LR225408B LR225408C LR225408E LR225409B LR225409E LR225410 LR225415 LR225415B LR225418B LR225418C LR22565P LR22567P LR235401 LR235402 LR235406 LR240401 LR240402 LR240403B LR240403C LR240404B LR240404C LR240405 AAK4599 8941224883 8941224884 8941280562 8941716740 8943325811 8943325812 8943367280 8943627440 8943820590 8943820591 8943820600 8943897721 8944195191 8944490540 8944490542 8944521343 8944527390 8944527392 8944527403 8944719961 8944719963 8944719964 8944723300 8944731480 8970131711 8970131712 8970232631 8970292260 8970377241 8970423250 8970430640 8970447790 8970716110 8970730460 8970739241 8970746110 8970775240 8970775340 8971137700 8971347620 8971478510 8971876520 8971876550 8971876580 8971876590 23099R8109 23099R8111 2310002N20 2310011T16 2310018A01 2310043G08 2310056C01 2310081T01 2310092G01 23100C8604 23100G3601 23100G5502 23100G5504 23100V7205 2706016260 2706074270 ALTV007 ALTV008 ALTV010 ALTV011 ALTV019 ARR2046S A2013 A2005 A2014
Diode Amp Rating35 A
Diodes (Main)6 qty
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)52 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)110 mm
Reg/Rec ComboNo
With Attached BracketNo
LR170414 8970775240 LR170413 LR170412 LR150423B 8944490540 CQ1080124 LR16096C RFX4006 LR225408E LR170415 LR225408C LR170424B LR170419 LR225408B 8944490542 75-802 LR240404C LR240404B 8971137700 LR170411P 23230-16A00 8941280562 215436 215435 LR150434B LR170422 LR140433 8971347620 L150-83202 L150-83201 8970730460 LR240403B 8943367280 LR240403C 8970746110 8941224884 LR170412T LR180737B 8941224883 8941674110 LR170412S LR170421 LR170420 LR150449C 8944719961 LR150425B LR150401C 81112634 8970775340 LR160418B LR170414C LR170402E LR170414E 2706016260 LR170402F 8944719963 8944719964 LR170414B 8941716740 8943820590 8943820591 2310002N20 23230-E3200 L160-4320 8970131711 LR150449B 8970131712 RH-04 LR170407 LR22567P LR170405 LR170404 L225-4320 LR225409E LR140415B LR225409B IHR723 28230-E3200 8970716110 23100G5502 LR150435S 23100G5504 LR150435T LR170415C LR170415B L160-93201 LR225410 21511107 L170G-63201 8944527390 131603 8944527392 LR225415 CRC20100AS 8943820600 LR160417 LR160432B LR160419 LR140130P LR160444B LR170404C LR160414 LR170404B L170-5320 LR150430S L225-6320 LR150430T LR15516P 23100V7205 LR22565P 8971478510 LR225415B LR150430C 23230-09W01 LR15516B LR160428 LR150139P LR160427 L160-53202 2310011T16 LR16078B 940038250 23232-02N09 8944723300 L160-13203 L160-13202 23100C8604 LR150421C LR225418B LR225418C 23232-16A00 8970739241 LR170418B 2310092G01 LR225402 LR150444B LR170407T LR170407S L150-43203 UBJ169 LR225407 23230-V6601 LR225408 8943325812 8943325811 LR225403 LR160408 LR170419B LR160401 LR150443S LR150443T LR170407E LR160441F LR170408S LR170408T LR150403 LR150402 A2014 LR160448B A2013 LR170408C LR155415 LR160448C 23232-09W01 LR155416 LR160448E 8970377241 LR150401 2310056C01 8970447790 8971876550 23232-V6601 8944527403 LR155408 LR140433B A2005 21145001BN LR160435E LR160435B LR160447C LR150190 LR160447B A2010 LR160447E 8944731480 L160-7320 SRC20100 L140-13202 16-312 LR150441C LR150441E 23099R8111 1112634 LR160446E RH-04C 23099R8109 23230-18A00 LR160446B 8943897721 LR160422B LR160434B LR160436 LR160446C LR150423 LR150421 REC-663L 8970430640 LR160444 LR160443 8970232631 LR160421C LR160421E LR160433E 23100G3601 LR160446 LR235401 LR160433B LR160448 LR160447 8971876520 LR150343B LR235402 LR160421F LR235406 IHR723HD LR150449 LR150448 LR160427T LR140402 LR150446 23232-18A00 LR240405 LR240401 LR240402 AAK4599 LR150442 LR140408 LR150441 LR150439B 8971876590 2310018A01 139619 LR150402C LR150439 LR150438 LR160426T 139614 LR160426S LR150435 ALTV019 8944521343 LR170421B LR160427C 500314 ALTV010 ALTV011 L140-53202 LR150434 LR150432 LR160427S LR150431 2310043G08 8970292260 8971876580 LR150438B 8970423250 LR160437T LR160437S ALTV007 LR155419B ALTV008 LR150428T REC-663 LR160402C LR160426E LR140427 ARR2046S LR150428E LR155418B LR160436S LR160436T RTF49813 LR170411C LR170411B LR170411E LR170411D LR150428S LR170411F 8944195191 2706074270 LR160401C LR140415 2310081T01 LR150452 8943627440

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