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130-01155 - 6203EC Bearing 17/40x12

6203EC Bearing 17/40x12
Brand new NTN Bearing
NZ$ 29.44 including GST
NZ$ 25.60 excluding GST
Purchase Qty:
11203971 AAN8106 1L2U10300AA 1L2U10300AB 1L2Z10346AB 2F1U10300BA 2F1U10300BB 2F1Z10346BA 3W1U10300AA 3W1U10300AB 3W1Z10346AA 3W3U10300AA 3W3Z10346AA 5F9T10300AC 5F9Z10346AA 5L8T10300KC 5L8T10300KD 5L8Z10346KA 6F9T10300AA 6F9T10300AC 6F9Z10346AA 6L8T10300AB 6L8T10300KA 6L8Z10346AB 6L8Z10346KA F5OU10300FB F5OU10300FC F6DU10300DC F6DU10300DD F6LU10300CB F6LU10300CC F6LU10300CD F6OU10300AB F6ZU10300BB F6ZU10300BE F6ZU10300BG F77U10300AC F8OU10300CB F8OU10300CC F8OU10346CA XL2U10300AA XL2Z10346AA XL3U10300AA XL3U10300AB XL3Z10346AA XW7U10300AA XW7U10300AC XW7U10300AD XW7Z10346AA YF1U10300EA YF1U10300EB YF1Z10346E YR3U10300AA YR3U10300AB YR3Z10346AA 11.203.043 11.203.051 11.203.064 11.203.065 11.203.086 11.203.102 11.203.103 11.203.110 11.203.113 11.203.114 11.203.115 11.203.116 11.203.119 11.203.124 11.203.129 11.203.164 11.203.204 11.203.244 11.203.248 11.203.250 11.203.275 11.203.279 11.203.288 11.203.290 11.203.299 11.203.357 11.203.359 11.203.361 11.203.363 11.203.406 11.203.720 11.203.739 11.203.741 11.203.742 AAN5116 AAN5120 AAN5121 AAN5122 AAN5124 AAN5125 AAN5127 AAN5130 AAN5131 AAN5132 AAN5133 AAN5136 AAN5138 AAN5139 AAN5147 AAN5156 AAN5164 AAN5166 AAN5167 AAN5171 AAN5173 AAN5178 AAN5179 AAN5183 AAN5197 AAN5198 AAN5501 AAN5502 AAN5513 AAN5702 AAN5713 AAN5714 IA1031 IA1043 IA1044 IA1057 IA1058 IA1077 IA1085 IA1095 IA1108 IA1109 IA1110 IA1111 IA1126 IA1133 IA1136 IA1137 IA1150 IA1163 IA1164 IA1169 IA1191 IA1242 IA1243 IA1332 MG490 16.908.878 MGX1087 F5OU10300FA F5OY10346A F68U10300AD F68Z10346AD F6DU10300BB F6DU10300BC F6DU10300BD F6DU10300DB F6DZ10346B F6DZ10346D F6LU10300CA F6LY10346A F6OU10300AA F6OY10346AA F6ZU10300BC F6ZZ10346B F77U10300AB F77Z10346AB F78U10300AA F78Z10346AA F8OU10300CA F8OZ10346CA 15-6203EC 6203LHA lr1180851 lr1180851B 06E903018G
Height (H.1)12 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.1)17 mm
Outside Diameter (O.D.1)40 mm
Unit TypeEC Seal

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