400-52183 - Alternator to Suit Denso, Komatsu

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Alternator to Suit Denso, Komatsu
Brand new AS-PL Alternator


Producer: AS-NZ

Replacement for: Denso

OE: 1012112940
NZ$ 329.02 including GST
NZ$ 286.11 excluding GST
Purchase Qty:
Description: Alternator
OEM(s): Denso, Komatsu
Voltage: 12
Amps: 60
Condition: New
Mount Type: Spool
Mtg Ear 1 Hole: M8-1.25 Threaded
Mtg Ear 2 Hole: 10.5mm Unthreaded
Mtg Ear 1 Thickness: 0.61in / 15.5mm
Mtg Ear 2 Thickness: 2.268in / 57.6mm
Regulator Clock: 12:00
Fan Location: Internal
Regulator Location: Internal
B+ Terminal: M6-1.0
P Terminal: Spade
IG Terminal: Spade
L Terminal: Spade
Polarity: Negative
Pulley Grooves: 1
Pulley Type: Solid
Pulley OD: 2.992in / 76mm
Application: Komatsu Industrial Applications
Weight: 8.93 lbs / 4.06 kg
Diagram(s): Diagram #1-8I

Arrowhead AND0528
Denso 0210800980, 1012112940
Komatsu 6008611611
Lester 12771
PIC Picture ID 290502
Wilson 90295469
Denso 021080098, 101211294, 1012112940, 1012112941

J&N 40052183
Wilson 90295469

J&N 40052183
Denso 021080098, 1012112941
J&N 40052183
Cummins C6008611611
Denso 0210800980, 1002110680
Komatsu 6008611611
Lester 12771
PIC Picture ID 290414A
dxa4053 658562

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